Knysna Terrace Guesthouse

Knysna Terrace Guesthouse (Bed and Breakfast, B & B)

Knysna Terrace Boutique Guesthouse is a family owned and run guesthouse. At our core we hold to heart the stories from ancient Greece, which would caution mortals that any guest should be treated as if potentially a disguised divinity.

It is these principles of hospitality toward any stranger who enters our establishment, and the belief of extending generosity and courtesy to our guests, with a warm-hearted and relaxed atmosphere, that makes us passionate about hospitality, but more especially about making your stay with us as memorable as possible.

138 Old Cape Rd




Tel: +27 044 382 1270

Cell: +27 082 460 2671

Fax: 086 608 2808

Category: Bed & Breakfast