Krumm Attorneys and Conveyancers Stilbaai

Krumm Attorneys and Conveyancers

Krumm Attorneys and Conveyancers Stilbaai

Law firm specialising in all property related matters such as ownership transfers and deeds. Krumm Attorneys and Conveyancers handles all aspects of property law. This includes commercial legal matters, notarial registrations and sectional title scheme developments. Also the administration of deceased estates and possible ensuing arbitrations, as well as financial services law.

Need a lawyer in Stilbaai? For swift and effective results, contact Charl Krumm.

Find their Stilbaai Offices in the Village Square, near Nedbank, just off Main Road West. This office, which was opened during the COVID-19 lock down in 2020, is part of the firm in Table View, Cape Town, offering the same services.

About the “Krumm” behind Krumm Attorneys and Conveyancers

Charl Krumm completed his LLB in 2005 and was subsequently admitted as attorney in 2007. After spending several years working for other people, he finally established Krumm Attorneys on 1 September 2014. Charl’s vision is that his company will become the Attorneys Company of choice for property owners, estate agents as well as executors of deceased estates.

He holds an LLB-degree, a Post Graduate Diploma in Financial Planning, as well as a Certificate in Sectional Title Scheme Management. In addition he is registered as a Compliance Officer with the Financial Services Boards and is also a member of the Cape Law Society.

Apart from property related matters like conveyancing and notarial registrations, his services also includes fiduciary (trustee) work. Also registration of trusts, drafting of wills and commercial contracts as well as marital and labour law. Furthermore he is experienced in insurance litigation as well as general litigation matters.

Krumm Attorneys and Conveyancers – Main Services

Conveyancing in Stilbaai

  • What is conveyancing?
    • The job of a conveyancer is to handle the transfer of ownership process from the owner to the buyer. In other words, a conveyancer prepares the deeds and documents that must be registered in the deeds office.
  • Why do I choose Krumm?
    • Krumm Attorneys has the specialised knowledge to ensure a swift, smooth transfer.
    • They have daily representation at the Deeds and Master’s Offices as well as access to the banks’ panels. This ensures that they keep as tight a control of a transaction as possible as well as minimise the risk of the client.
  • Who pays the conveyancer?
    • The seller pays: for municipal rates and taxes clearance; beetle, gas, electrical as well as plumbing certificates; cancellation of the existing bond; and the estate agent commission.
    • The buyer pays: the transfer duty imposed by SARS; transfer deeds and conveyancer costs; as well as the Deeds office fees.
  • Who gets to appoint the attorney/lawyer?
    • This is the prerogative of the seller.
  • How long before the transfer process is completed?
    • The process normally takes 2 – 2½ months, however, if from a deceased estate, it will, of course take longer.

Property Marketing

You have property that you want to sell but do not know how to proceed. Maybe you want to market your property country-wide for a better chance of a great deal or faster sale.

Krumm Attorneys and Conveyancers has the answer. They have a country-wide network of estate agents of repute to their disposal to assist you with marketing your property. Moreover, if you want to sell through an estate agency, they offer to put you in touch with a reputable agency. All you have to do, is contact Krumm.

Wills and Trusts in Stilbaai

  • What is a will? – A will is a written document containing your instructions about the distribution of your property after your death. Thus, this goes into effect only after your demise.
  • What is a trust? – A trust, on the other hand, takes effect as soon as you create it. It can begin to distribute your property before your death, at your death, or also after your passing. A trustee, whom you appoint, handles the administration of the trust on behalf of the beneficiary.
  • Careful financial and retirement planning will not help at all without an up-to-date legally binding will. Especially when you have a considerable estate, it is paramount to make use of the specialised knowledge of Krumm Attorneys when drafting a will. Whether you need a simple will, or complex tax efficient structure, for your descendants’ sakes, make an appointment today. They will bless you for that.
  • Krumm Attorneys, of course, can advise you on the best way to use a will and/or a trust in your estate plan.
  • Apart from drafting wills, Krumm Attorneys and Conveyancers also administer deceased estates. These they resolve as soon as they possibly can depending on co-operation from the various parties involved.
  • Should there be any disagreements between heirs about the will, Krumm is also able to handle any impending arbitration. Again the time frame depends on the co-operation of everyone involved in the disagreement.

Drafting of Commercial Contracts in Stilbaai

  • A commercial contract or business agreement is a written agreement between parties on some commercial issue. Contract drafting, thus, is the process of recording the the terms and conditions finally agreed upon.
  • Examples of real estate contracts are, for instance purchase agreements, lease agreements, contracts for deeds, power of attorney contracts, etc. There are, of course a myriad other commercial contracts, some really basic while others are more complex.
  • Krumm Attorneys will gladly assist you with solutions tailor-made for your unique needs. Contact them for a quote – they undertake to deliver on the date mentioned in their quote.

Financial Services Law in Stilbaai

They also practice within the Financial Industry and can act as financial brokers. There are many a pitfall lurking in the financial world that the average person is not aware of.

Krumm Attorneys and Conveyancers has the expertise as well as experience to assist with your personal financial planning. Likewise with your business financial planning in areas such as insurance, investment, stock markets and more.

Business Hours:

Monday to Thursday: 08:00 – 17:00
Friday: 08:00 – 16:00
Saturday and Sunday: Closed

Krumm Prokureurs en Aktebesorgers (Aktevervaardigers) – Stilbaai en Jongensfontein

Het jy ‘n prokureur nodig in Stilbaai? Vir vinnige en effektiewe resultate, kontak Charl Krumm.

Hulle Stilbaai-kantoor is op die Dorpsplein naby Nedbank, net af van Hoofweg-Wes. Hierdie kantoor is oopgemaak gedurende die COVID-19 grendeltyd in 2020, en is deel van die firma in Table View, Kaapstad.

Die “Krumm” agter Krumm Prokureurs en Aktevervaardigers

Charl Krumm het sy LLB-graad in 2005 voltooi en is in 2007 as prokureur toegelaat. Na ‘n aantal jare diens by ander firmas en instansies, stig hy op 1 September 2014 Krumm Attorneys and Conveyancers. Met die visie dat hierdie maatskappy die voorkeur-prokureursfirma sal word van besitters van eiendaom, eiendomsagente en so ook eksekuteurs van bestorwe boedels.

Hy het ‘n LLB-graad, ‘n Nagraadse Diploma in Finansiële Beplanning en so ook ‘n Sertifikaat in die Bestuur van Deeltitelskemas. Verder is hy geregistreer as ‘n Nakomingsbeampte by die Finansiële Diensteraad en is ook ‘n lid van die Kaapse Regsvereniging.

Bo en behalwe eiendomsverwante sake soos oordragte en akteregistrasies, sluit sy dienste ook fidusiêre (trustee) werk in. So ook registrasie van trusts, opstel van laaste wil of testamente, optrek van besigheidskontrakte, maritale en arbeidsreg. Verder is hy ook ervare in algemene en versekeringslitigasie.

Krumm Attorneys and Conveyancers – Belangrikste Dienste

Aktebesorging in Stilbaai

  • Wat is aktebesorging?
    • Die werk van ‘n aktebesorger is om die oordragproses van eienaarskap van die eienaar na die koper te behartig. So, die aktebesorger berei die aktes en dokumente voor wat by die Aktekantoor geregistreer moet word.
  • Hoekom kies ek Krumm?
    • Krumm Attorneys het die gespesialiseerde kennis om ‘n vinnige en gladde oordrag te verseker.
    • So ook het hulle daaglikse verteenwoordiging by die Akte- en Meesterskantore, asook toegang tot die Bankrolle. Dit verseker dat hulle ‘n groot mate van beheer het oor ‘n transaksie, so hulle kan die kliënt se risiko tydens hierdie proses verminder.
  • Wie betaal die aktebesorger?
    • Die verkoper betaal: die munisipale belastingklarings; kewer-, gas-, elektriese en so ook loodgietersertifikate; kansellasie van bestaande verband; en die verkoopsagent se kommissie.
    • Die koper betaal: die oordragbelasting aan SARS; oordragsaktes en aktebesorgerskoste; en so ook die fooie van die Aktekantoor.
  • Wie stel die akteprokureur aan?
    • Die verkoper.
  • Hoe lank neem so ‘n oordragproses?
    • Die proses neem normaalweg so 2 tot 2½ maande, maar as dit uit ‘n bestorwe boedel kom, sal dit uit die aard van die saak langer neem.

Bemarking van Eiendom

Jy het dalk eiendom wat jy wil verkoop en graag landwyd wil adverteer om so jou kanse op ‘n vinnige, goeie verkoop te verbeter.

Kontak Krumm Prokureurs en Aktebesorgers om jou in aanraking te bring met hulle landswye netwerk van eiendomsagentskappe. Hulle kan ook ‘n fatsoenlike agent aanbeveel, so, al wat jy hoef te doen, is om Krumm Prokureurs te kontak.

Testamente en Trusts in Stilbaai

  • Wat is ‘n testament? – Dit is ‘n geskrewe dokument waarin jy jou wense bekend maak oor hoe jou besittings na jou dood verdeel moet word. So, dit kom eers in werking na jou afsterwe.
  • Wat is ‘n trust? – ‘n Trust aan die ander kant, kom in werking sodra dit geskep is. So, dit kan jou besittings beskikbaar stel voor jou dood, by jou dood, en ook na jou dood. Jy stel ‘n trustee aan wat die trust namens die begunstigde bestuur.
  • Dit is nodig om ‘n geldige testament op te stel, veral as jy ‘n groot boedel nalaat. So kan jy verseker dat die regte persone wel jou besittings kry.
  • Krumm Prokureurs beskik oor daardie gespesialiseerde kennis om jou te adviseer oor die beste gebruik van ‘n testament en/of trust.
  • Naas die opstel van testamente, tree Krumm Prokureurs ook op as boedelberedders. Dit doen hulle so spoedig as moontlik afhangende van die samewerking van alle betrokke partye.
  • Sou daar onenigheid ontstaan tussen erfgename oor die bepalings van ‘n testament, kan Krumm Prokureurs ook die arbitrasie behartig.

Optrek van Besigheidskontrakte in Stilbaai

  • ‘n Besigheidskontrak of besigheidsooreenkoms is ‘n geskrewe ooreenkoms tussen partye oor ‘n kommersiële saak. Die optrek van kontrakte is dus die proses om die terme van so ‘n ooreenkoms neer te skryf in ‘n bindende dokument.
  • Voorbeelde van sulke kontrakte is koopkontrakte, huurkontrakte, en so meer. Sommige is baie basies, terwyl ander weer baie kompleks is.
  • Krumm Prokureurs staan jou graag by met die opstel van kontrakte wat voldoen aan jou spesifieke behoeftes.

Finansiële Dienstereg in Stilbaai

Hulle werk ook binne die Finansiële Industrie en kan as finansiële makelaars optree. Daar is baie verskuilde slaggate in die finansiële wêreld waarvan die gemiddelde persoon onbewus is.

Krumm Prokureurs beskik oor die nodige kennis en so ook ervaring om jou te help met jou persoonlike finansiële beplanning. Ook met die beplanning van jou besigheid op gebiede soos versekering, beleggings, aandele markte, en so meer.

Tel: 028 050 2334

4 Village Square

181 Main Rd West