Liefie se Kombuis

Liefie se Kombuis Wholesale Bakery in Stilbaai

Liefie se Kombuis in Stilbaai

Home bakery offering rusks as well as cookies baked with love. Liefie se Kombuis bakes home-made cookies and also rusks using traditional recipes to produce all time favourites for teatime. There is no excuse not to have a tin full of teatime bites at all times, but especially so when the family is coming for the holidays. Christmastime without cookies in Granny’s pantry is simply unimaginable. So, fill up your cookie jars with delicious cookies and rusks from their kitchen and see them indulge.

Liefie se Kombuis (Liefie’s Kitchen) is in the Stilbaai Heights in Stilbaai West, a lovely coastal town on the banks of the Goukou River. Along the Garden Route in the Hessequa area of the Western Cape, South Africa.

The owner of Liefie se Kombuis has a long history of baking helping her mother who baked for a home industry shop (tuisnywerheid). She makes use of recipes which stood the test of time to bake the fresh and temptingly delicious biscuits as well as rusks. Her products include about 10 different types of yummy cookies, 2 types of tasty rusks as well as heavenly gluten free rusks and pies. She is the proof that local is lekker!

Home-Baked Cookies in Still Bay

Ever wondered where you can find some truly traditional home-made cookies for consumption by yourself, your family or visitor’s you are expecting? Well, you found the source at Liefie’s Kitchen!

Liefie bakes about 10 different types of cookies to choose from:

  • Coffee cookies or also sometimes called biscuits to dip in your tea or coffee
  • Custard cookies, the ever reliable teatime bite
  • Ginger snaps, lovely gingery taste with cracks and all
  • Romany creams with a rich chocolatey taste
  • Choc-chip and nut, of course an all-time favourite
  • Soentjies that simply melts in your mouth
  • Soetkoekies, the stuff that legends are made of as well as its Dutch variant
  • Oats cookies, healthy and popular, plain as well as its variant oats and nut

Home-Baked Rusks From Liefie se Kombuis (Liefie’s Kitchen) in Still Bay

Liefie’s products are baked with love in her home kitchen. Can you imagine starting a day without a rusk to dip in your coffee? Rather unthinkable! You don’t need to be in that precarious situation, especially if you have guests.

Liefie offers 3 types of rusks to choose from:

  • Traditional buttermilk rusks too good to eat only one
  • Whole wheat rusks, healthy, wholesome and lekker
  • Gluten free nutty rusks, the pleasant alternative for the gluten intolerant person

Home-made pies from Liefie’s Kitchen in Still Bay

Liefie’s expert baking, of course does not end with rusks and cookies. She also bakes various pies. Her chicken pie is especially popular with customers for its succulence as well as delectable flavour. A pie from Liefie’s Kitchen with a salad added on the side is a quick and easy light meal for the family.

Where to Find These Home-Baked Products

Look out for these products, neatly packed in transparent cellophane bags with the characteristic blue label.  They can be found in various places such as:

  • Order directly from their home bakery at phone number 083 216 7414
  • Allegaartjie
  • MC Fresh Produce Market
  • Blombos Butchery
  • Various markets such as the Christmas in July Street Market, Stilbaai Arts and Craft Market, markets in other towns such as Riversdale
  • Festivals such as the Brood en Beskuitfees at the Stilbaai Tourism Bureau
  • Their products are known as far as Cape Town


Monday to Friday 09:30 – 17:00
Saturday 09:30 – 12:30
Sunday closed

Juanita Zulch

Cell: 083 216 7414

Bergroos Rylaan



Tuisgebakte Kleinkoekies en Beskuit in Stilbaai by Liefie se Kombuis

By Liefie se Kombuis bak hulle tuisgebakte koekies en so ook beskuit volgens tradisionele resepte. Hulle bak al die so immergewilde gunstelinge sodat jy jou koekblikke vol kan maak vir kuiergaste. Wat is Kersfeestyd sonder blikke vol kleinkoekies in ouma se spens? Ondenkbaar!

Tuisgebakte Koekies in Stilbaai

Al ooit gewonder waar jy regte-egte tradisionele tuisgebakte koekies kan kry? By Liefie se Kombuis, natuurlik!

Liefie bak omtrent so 10 verskillende soorte koekies om van te kies:

  • Koffiekoekies
  • Vlakoekies
  • Gemmerkoekies
  • Romany creams
  • Sjokolade en neut splinterkoekies (choc-chip)
  • Soentjies
  • Soetkoekies en so ook Hollandse soetkoekies
  • Gewone hawermoutkoekies en so ook hawermout en neutkoekies

Tuisgebakte Beskuit uit Liefie se Kombuis in Stilbaai

Hoe kan ‘n mens ‘n dag begin sonder om ‘n stukkie beskuit in ‘n koffietjie te doop? So troosteloos!

Liefie verkoop 3 soorte beskuit:

  • Tradisionele karringmelkbeskuit
  • Volgraanbeskuit
  • Glutenvrye beskuit

Tuisgebakte Pasteie in Stilbaai

Liefie se ekspert bakwerk eindig nie by koekies en beskuit nie. Sy bak ook pasteie waarvan die hoenderpastei veral baie gewild is. So , as jy ‘n heerlike vinnige ligte maaltyd wil maak, kry van haar pasteie, maak ‘n slaaitjie daarby en siedaar, ‘n liplek-lekker ete.

Waar Kry Jy Liefie se Tuisgebakte Produkte?

Kyk uit vir hierdie produkte, so keurig verpak in deursigtige sellofaansakkies met die kenmerkende blou etiket daarop geplak by plekke soos:

  • Direk bestel van Liefie se Kombuis by 083 216 7414
  • Allegaartjie
  • MC Vars Produkte Mark
  • Blombos Slaghuis
  • Verskillende markte soos die Kerfees in Julie Straatmark en Stilbaai Arts and Craft Market, en so meer
  • Feeste soos die Brood en Beskuitfees by die Stilbaai Toerisme Buro
  • Hulle produkte is bekend tot so ver as Kaapstad.

Juanita Zulch

Cell: 083 216 7414

Bergroos Rylaan