PG Glass Knysna

PG Glass Knysna

Repairs, Replacement and also Installations, Auto Glass – Windscreens. PG Glass is a company that delivers world-class glass installation solutions, of course delivered by professional glass technicians. We focus on the repair, replacement and installation of auto glass as well as the replacement and installation of residential and commercial building glass.

PG Glass Knysna is a division of the PG Group, a company that has manufactured glass solutions in South Africa for in fact well over 117 years. Find a fitment centre for first class glass installation solutions.

Have a look at a few products and services we offer, listed below.


• Frameless showers as well as

• Framed showers

• Architectural vinyl window filming and also

• Llumar window filming

• Glass balustrade

• Aluminum folding stacking doors as well as

• Frameless folding stacking doors

• Aluminum products (windows and doors)

• Energy Efficient products (Solarvue and Solarshield products)

• Single glazed products as well as

• Double glazed products

• Kitchen splashbacks

• Table Tops

• Skylights

• Safety glass and also

• Toughened glass

• Mirrors

• Clearbars – Polycarbonate security bars


• Chip repairs

• Savevue windscreens as well as

• Shatterprufe windscreens

• Side window glass

• Rear car window

• Armourplate products

• Temporary window closure

• Llumar automotive window film and also

• Anti-Smash and Grab film

• Solar control – blocks 99% of UV rays

• 24/7 service

• After Hour service

• Mobile service

• PG Fleet solutions

PG Glass Knysna

Jacques vd Merwe

Tel: 044 382 5881

Fax: 044 382 5884

Cell: 061 450 8299

Emergency A/Hours: 086 003 0303