PSGC Piping Co – Plumbing, Solar, Gas & Cooling

PSGC Piping co - Plumbing, Solar, Gas & Cooling

PSGC Piping Co – Plumbing, Solar, Gas & Cooling

Pipe rigging company specialising in providing a variety of services. PSGC Piping Co supplies, installs as well as maintains commercial and domestic plumbing systems. Also LP gas installations, solar heating and solar pump systems and air conditioning systems. They have been in business since 2006, thus are well experienced in their field. Moreover, these plumbers are available 24/7 for emergency assistance.

About PSGC Piping Co

They work in Stilbaai, Riversdale, Jongensfontein as well as the rest of the Hessequa area in the Western Cape. Furthermore they are licensed, registered, insured, qualified as well as experienced plumbers with a skilled crew and all the tools and technology to perform their trade. Their work is compliant to the prescribed standards for which they also issue a certificate of compliance. They deliver on time, every time.

Consult PSGC Piping Co for specialist advice on ways to reduce your electricity bill and let them give you a quote for consideration. Property owners living elsewhere can arrange with the renting agent or person looking after the house to open the house. PSGC will gladly do any installations in the absence of the owner to help them save electricity.

PSGC Plumbers and plumbing – Services

Plumbing Installations and Maintenance

  • They supply, install as well as maintain commercial and domestic plumbing systems for new constructions.
  • Specialise in the plumbing work, without unnecessary breaking, of renovation of bathrooms and kitchens.
  • Water leak detection using different technologies such as acoustic detection where they use a microphone to detect and amplify the noise made by the leak. Or alternatively, a thermal imaging camera which detects subtle temperature differences and patterns revealing the existence of water. These technologies, in essence prevent unnecessary tearing down of walls.
  • Of course, for all work done where insurance pay-outs come into play such as burst geysers or pipes, they issue a complete report for the insurance company.

PSGC Solar Installations and Maintenance

  • Solar energy is a clean, renewable as well as free source of alternative energy which can save you lots of money on electricity.
  • PSGC Piping Co supplies, installs as well as maintains domestic solar water heaters (geysers)
  • They also supply, install as well as maintain solar pump systems which is an environmentally friendly alternative for pumping water for various uses. Call PSGC to install a solar pump for your borehole, pool, fountain, pond, water feature, etc. A perfect solution for use in more remote areas such as farms.
  • They are also equipped to install pressure pump systems, the function of which is to boost water pressure and improve flow rate.
  • Likewise they install sewer pumps systems which are specially designed to let solids pass without clogging the pump.
  • Maintenance of these systems, in essence includes the assessment of the condition of the pipework for wear, damage and leakage. Where they identify problems, they repair or replace the piping as needed.
  • Call PSGC for an inspection of any of your solar installations before expensive damage occurs.

Gas Installations and Maintenance by PSGC Piping Co

  • Using gas as alternative energy source, largely reduces you electricity bill.
  • This company supplies, installs, inspects as well as maintains domestic LP (liquid petroleum gas) gas water heaters (geysers) which will cut a huge chunk from your electricity bill.
  • Prescribed standards and regulations have to be complied with as well as specialised piping be used for gas installations.
  • All gas appliances have to be tested as well as certified for safety – given a certificate of compliance.
  • PSGC Piping Co has a SAQCC Gas registered person needed to rig the pipes and do the certifying inspection.
  • They also install other domestic and commercial LP gas appliances such as stoves, gas hobs, fireplaces, gas lighting systems, etc.
  • Gas leaks can cause major incidents like injuries, deaths, fires, extensive damage to properties, etc. If you suspect that there is a gas leak somewhere in your gas piping system, call PSGC straight away. They use acoustic as well as infra-red or thermal imaging technology to detect such leaks without having to break down walls.

Cooling Systems Installation and Maintenance

  • They provide space heating and cooling systems to residential as well as commercial buildings.
  • Such a system takes fresh air from outside and replaces the air indoors with the fresh air. This ventilation process removes smoke, odours, carbon dioxide, etc. thus providing better quality air.
  • If you need air conditioning in your home or business, call PSGC. They supply, install as well as maintain the air conditioning system that will suit your requirements.

24 Hour Emergency Service

PSGC provides a 24 hour, seven days a week (24/7) emergency service.

PSGC Piping CO – Loodgieters

Bepypingsbesigheid wat spesialiseer in verskeie dienste, nl. die verskaffing, installering en onderhoud van rioolstelsels van woonhuise en besighede. So ook gasinstallasies, sonkragpompe en -geisers en lugversorgingstelsels. Hulle is sedert 2006 in besigheid en hulle bied ook ‘n 24/7 nooddiens.

PSGC werk in Stilbaai, Jongensfontein, Riversdal en so ook die res van die Hessequa gebied in die Wes-Kaap. Hulle is gelisensiëer, geregistreer, gekwalifiseer en so ook verseker, met ‘n ervare en vaardige span en die nodige toerusting vir die werk. Verder kom hulle alle voorgeskrewe standaarde en regulasies na en reik ook sertifikate van nakoming uit waar nodig. Praat met hulle oor maniere om jou elektrisiteitsrekening te verlaag.

PSGC Loodgieters – Dienste

Loodgieterinstallasies en Onderhoud 

  • PSGC Piping Co verskaf, installeer en onderhou kommersiële- en so ook residensiële loodgieterstelsels van nuwe geboue.
  • Hulle spesialiseer ook in die loodgieterwerk by die oordoen van badkamers en kombuise.
  • So ook het hulle die regte tegnologie om lekkasies in waterpype op die spoor en te herstel sonder om onnodige breekwerk aan mure te doen.
  • Hulle verskaf ook ‘n volledige verslag vir versekeringsmaatskappye in die geval van herstelwerk soos gebarste geisers en waterpype.

PSGC Sonkraginstallasies en Onderhoud

  • Sonkragtoestelle kan jou so baie bespaar aan elektriese uitgawes.
  • PSGC verskaf, installeer en onderhou sonkragwaterverwarmers of -geisers.
  • Asook sonkragpompstelsels vir verskillende doeleindes soos boorgatpompe, swembadpompe, spuitfonteinpompe, visdampompe, en so meer.
  • So ook drukpompe om die waterdruk te verbeter.
  • Verder ook rioolpompe wat ontwerp is om die vaster stowwe in rioolwater te kan deurlaat.
  • Kry hulle om hierdie pompstelsels gereeld na te gaan vir slytasie, beskadiging en so ook lekkasies.

Gasinstallasies en Onderhoud deur PSGC Piping Co

  • Die gebruik van gas kan jou elektriese rekening drasties verminder.
  • Hierdie besigheid verskaf, installeer en onderhou gasinstallasies soos gasgeisers, gasstowe, gaskaggels, gasbeligtingstelsels en so meer.
  • Hulle is geregistreer en gekwalifiseer om gasinstallasies te doen asook te sertifiseer.
  • Gaslekkasies is uiters gevaarlik. Hulle het die vaardighede en so ook die tegnologie om gaslekke op te spoor en weer veilig te maak.

Lugversorginginstallasies en Onderhoud 

  • Kontak hulle as jy ‘n lugversorgingstelsel vir jou huis of besigheid benodig. Hulle verskaf, installeer en onderhou lugversorgingstelsels vir woonhuise en so ook besighede.
  • Indien jou lugversorgingstelsel probleme gee, kontak hulle.

24-Uur Nooddiens

PSGC verskaf ook ‘n 24-uur, 7 dae ‘n week (24/7) nooddiens.

Johannes Lamprecht

Cell: 082 920 7776