Raubies Electrical Contractor Stilbaai

Raubies Elektriese Kontrakteur / Raubies Electrical Contractors

Raubies Electrical Contractor Stilbaai

Registered, qualified and highly experienced electrician providing electrical services to residential, commercial as well as agricultural clients. Raubies Electrical Contractor  – Stilbaai Electricians plans, installs and maintains electrical as well as solar power systems and wind turbines. He also does fault finding and repair, issues electrical compliance certificates (COC) and provides 24/7 emergency help.

This company is stationed in Stilbaai, but also works in Jongensfontein, Riversdale and surrounding areas. He has all the necessary knowledge, experience, tools and equipment to perform a stellar job, in fact, he guarantees his workmanship. Moreover, Raubies Electrical Contractor makes use of quality products only and his prices are affordable. He is also a member of the Electrical Contractors’ Association (SA) (ECA) – ‘the home of trusted electrical contractors and the voice of their industry’.

Raubies Stilbaai Electrician – Services

Electrical Installations – Electrician

  • Plans, installs and maintains the complete electrical wiring systems of new building as well as extensions to existing buildings, complete with distribution board and all.
  • All electrical equipment and machines that need to be installed by an electrician such as geysers, water pumps, stoves, extractor fans, etc.
  • Lighting of new buildings as well as additional lighting in existing buildings.
  • Additional plugs or power outlets.
  • Electric fencing

Solar Power Systems Installations

  • They do solar power system installations throughout the Western Cape Garden Route area.
  • Designs, installs as well as maintains off grid/stand alone as well as on grid/grid-tied systems for homes and farms. Why not make use of the energy the South African sun offers for free?
  • Call them to install your own solar power system at an affordable price, using only quality products.
  • They also install solar geysers, solar water pumps as well as other solar products.

Wind Turbines Installations

  • They do wind turbine installations throughout the Western Cape Garden Route area.
  • Wind is another alternative renewable energy source that can successfully be harvested for free once you have the equipment installed. Raubies installs wind turbines of any kind as well as any size, depending on your energy needs.

Electrical Maintenance

  • Fault finding such as power that keeps on tripping out. They have the necessary testing equipment to locate the source of the problem as well as the knowledge and skill to fix it.
  • Not only do they fix faults, but they also upgrade electrical systems where necessary to prevent dangerous accidents from happening.
  • They also repair/replace electrical equipment and components such as circuit breakers, switches, fuses, outlets, transformers, wire, etc.
  • Apart from replacing burst geysers, they also diagnose geyser problems on electric as well as solar geysers. They repair burned-out heating elements, pressure relief valves, thermostats, timers, etc.
  • In addition to geysers, they also repair/replace other electrical equipment and appliances such as solar water pumps and stoves.
  • Before issuing a COC, they replace old outdated and dangerous wiring that might exist in the house that is about to be sold.

Additional Services – Raubies Electrical Contractor

  • They also assist with insurance claims for work done, such as burst geyser replacements.
  • If you are selling your house you will need a Certificate of Compliance to show that the electrical system of your property complies to legal standards. Only a qualified electrician can issue a COC which he/she can only do after having inspected the complete system as well as having repaired any faults identified. Call Raubies for quality workmanship and affordable prices.
  • They understand the inconvenience of an electrical problem popping up after hours. Therefore they offer 24/7 emergency assistance. Call them any-time.

Raubies Electrical Contractor – Elektriese Kontrakteur in Stilbaai

Geregistreerde, gekwalifiseerde en hoogs ervare elektrisiën wat sy dienste aanbied aan kliënte in die residensiële-, kommersiële- en so ook landbousektore. Die besigheid is in Stilbaai, maar hulle werk ook in Jongensfontein, Riversdal en omgewing.

Hannes is ‘n lid van die Elektrotegniese Vereniging van Suid-Afrika. Hy waarborg sy vakmanskap wat ook deur hierdie vereniging onderskryf word. Hannes gebruik net gehalte produkte en sy pryse is bekostigbaar.

So, kontak hom vandag nog om jou behoefte te bespreek.

Raubies Elektriese Kontrakteur – Dienste

Elektriese Installasies

  • Beplan, installeer en onderhou die volledige elektriese bedradingstelsel van nuwe geboue en so ook aanbouings aan bestaande geboue.
  • Hy installeer alle elektriese toerusting en masjiene wat deur ‘n elektrisiën geïnstalleer moet word, soos geisers, stowe en so meer.
  • Verder doen hy die beligting van nuwe geboue asook addisionele beligting by bestaande geboue.
  • Ook installeer hy addisionele kragproppe, skakelaars en so meer.
  • Hy installeer ook elektriese heinings.

Installasie van Sonkragstesels

  • Sonkragstelselinstallasies enige plek in die Tuinroete van die Wes-Kaap.
  • Ontwerp, installeer en onderhou kragnetwerkvrye (off grid) sowel as nie-kragnetwerkvrye (on grid) sonkragstelsels vir huise en plase.
  • Skakel Hannes vir jou eie bekostigbare sonkragstelsel.
  • Hy installeer ook sonkrag geisers, sonkrag waterpompe en so ook ander gehalte sonkragprodukte.

Installasie van Windturbines

  • Windturbinesinstallasies enige plek in die Tuinroete van die We-Kaap.
  • Raubies doen ook installasies van enige soort en grootte windturbine, so, as jy van wind as alternatiewe energiebron wil gebruik maak, is Hannes die man om te kontak.

Elektriese Onderhoudswerk

  • Foutnasporing wanneer die krag aanhou uitskop en herstel van die geïdentifseerde fout.
  • Opgradering van elektriese stelsels.
  • Verder herstel of vervang hy elektriese komponente soos stroombrekers, stroomwisselaars en skakelaars, smelt/skeringsdrade, kragproppe, drade, transformators en so meer.
  • Diagnoseer en herstel elektriese- en sonkraggeiserprobleme soos uitgebrande elemente, drukontlaskleppe, stukkende termostate en so meer.

Addisionele Dienste – Raubies Electrical Contractor

  • Hy help met versekeringseise vir werk gedoen soos die vervanging van gebarste geisers.
  • So ook hanteer hy die uitreiking van Elektriese Sertifikate van Nakoming. (COC)
  • Hy is 24/7 beskikbaar vir gevalle van nood.

Raubies Elektriese Kontrakteur

Hannes: 082 449 4603