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Rock the Route Knysna

Tour operator for Day Trips, Tours, Band Tours and more. Welcome to Rock the Route! We believe that to truly experience any country, you need to get off the beaten track and get to know the locals. Immerse yourself in the local cultures, old and new. Listen to LIVE local music, be adventurous.

And that is exactly what we do!

You’ll only find those authentic moments if you stop being a tourist. Leave the guide book in your backpack, join us on a road trip and let’s talk to local people. Follow them on a hike to that hidden-spot, jump in the car and go to that secret beach for a breathtaking sunset and listen to their stories of what the Garden Route is all about…

Find out why the locals never leave!

The awe-inspiring beauty of the Garden Route has been dazzling people long before Bartolomeo Diaz first landed ashore in Mossel Bay, more than 600 years ago. This world famous coastline stretches from St. Blaize Point in Mossel Bay, winding through the most scenic valleys and rolling hills, deep green forests and past amazing glassy lakes, all the way to Jeffreys Bay….

We at Rock the Route have a passion and deep ‘Routed’ love for this coastline and we want to show you the Real Lifestyle of a Garden Router. We don’t skip past a memorable view point to get to commercial stuff. We don’t rush through the Route to pick-up the next guests. We stop at the most memorable beaches, rivers and waterfalls and take our time. We swim and hike and do things that invigorate the soul, because that’s what this epic coastline is for… to feel the freedom and get your Nature ON!!

Cell: +27 (0)61 107 7625