Rolene Farre – Psychologist

Rolene Farre Psygologist in Still Bay - Rolene Farre Sielkundige in Stilbaai

Rolene Farre – Psychologist

Highly experienced registered psychologist also performing career testing and assist with choice of career. Rolene Farre – Psychologist has a well-established practice with offices in Stilbaai as well as Riversdale. From these two offices she also provides psychologist services to clients from towns like Heidelberg, Albertinia, Witsand, Gouritsmond and the entire Hessequa area in the Western Cape.

Qualifications and Experience

Rolene obtained her Master’s Degree in Counselling Psychology from the University of Pretoria. She has since been a practising Psychologist for almost three decades, most of which she has spent in Stilbaai. Consequently she has a good understanding of the people of the Hessequa community and their challenges.

Rolene spent 10 years in the Defence Force and as a result gained priceless experience. She is well-versed in trauma as well as how to handle or defuse it.

Furthermore she has sound experience in the assessment of people for specific positions and jobs.

She has mastered therapeutic techniques and interventions covering a wide range of psychological problems.

Rolene Farre – Psychologist – Routinely Encountered Psychological Problems

  • Depression – Persistently feeling depressed, lack of interest in activities and feeling altogether without hope or motivation.
  • Anxiety disorders, including panic disorder – Constant worry or fear interfering with one’s daily activities.
  • Bipolar disorder – Episodes of mood swings from depressive lows to manic highs.
  • Post-traumatic stress disorders (PTSD) – Failure to recover after witnessing or in fact experiencing something terrifying.
  • Adjustment disorders – In short when one has difficulty coping with a stressful life experience.
  • Gender issues – All aspects relating to men’s and women’s lives, interrelation, differences, activities as well as reaction to situations, etc.
  • Grief and loss/bereavement accompaniment along with counselling and support.
  • Existential crisis or existential dread – When questioning the meaning, value as well as purpose of life has a negative impact on you.
  • Conflict situations at the workplace – Misunderstandings, passive-aggressiveness, personality-based conflicts, discrimination, closed-mindedness, also work style conflicts, and more.
  • Working through divorce as well as rejection issues – It is actually common to feel rejected when your relationship ends in divorce.
  • Group healing through cooperative action supporting each other and lightening each other’s spirit.

Services in Collaboration with other Colleagues

On the whole Rolene follows a multi-professional team approach. This results in close collaboration between her practice and referring doctors as well as psychiatrists.

From her side she also refers patients to colleagues specialising in the specific type of therapy needed. For example colleagues specialising in occupational therapy or dealing with scholastic issues and assessment tests.

Furthermore she conducts career tests coupled with career choice in collaboration with colleagues. This way you can identify what career best fits your personality and what job you might be naturally good at.

Nontherapeutic Services

  • Rolene Farre serves as an expert witness in court in more serious cases such as rape. Also in labour court disputes where psychological intervention is needed.
  • Moreover, she likes to offer training and talks around contemporary issues and problems.
  • She has created a Facebook page Terapie vir vroue/Therapy for Woman. In essence this is a gentle place where she endeavours to help bruised women regain their self-worth.

Cell: 082 429 7357

Tel: 028 754 1905

12 Stillestrande Cresent