Stainless Steel Worxshop

Stainless Steel Worxshop in Stilbaai

Stainless Steel Worxshop in Stilbaai

Steel work manufacturer specialising in stainless steel products. Stainless Steel Worxshop advises, designs, manufactures as well as installs stainless steel products such as balustrades and staircases. Also handrails, boat accessories, bull bars, roll bars and braais. Although their focus is on stainless steel, they undertake any steel work.

Stainless Steel Worxshop is in the Industrial Area in the Kloof in Still Bay East. This steel business previously belonged to someone else and was recently bought and renamed by the current owners. They have many years of experience in steel work. Their precision fabrication speaks of excellent workmanship and they make use of only the highest quality materials. Not everybody can properly work with stainless steel, but these guys are specialists.

Stainless Steel Worxshop Services and Products

Stainless Steel Balustrades

Balustrades can be seen on staircases, balconies, porches, terraces, etc., where a barrier is needed to protect people from falling off. It is a structural safety element and can hugely contribute to the aesthetics of the building. The main function is to protect people from falling off the balcony or staircase which could result in serious injury or even death.

A stainless steel balustrade is durable, elegant, strong and maintenance in low because stainless steel is non-corrosive. Stainless Steel Worxshop will design, manufacture as well as install your balustrades to suit your requirements. The difference a cleverly designed and perfectly manufactured and installed balustrade will make to your house is simply beyond words.

Stainless Steel Staircases and Hand Railings

People make use of a staircase, flight of stairs or stairwell to move between different storeys in a building as well as outside. There are various types of stairways to choose from such as straight, round, curved, spiral, L shaped as well as U shaped, etc. You should be aware of the pros and cons of each type before you choose a type. Looking gorgeous does not always mean its practical…

The client provides the plan indicating the size/length of the stairs in meters, they design and manufacture for the client. If the structural engineer specifies certain standards, they manufacture accordingly.

This company custom build staircases which are structurally sound with your safety in mind. For the safety of those using the steps, of course, there has to be handrails to hold onto. Also balusters or pickets to fill the space between posts as well as the top and bottom rails to prevent people from falling through. A stainless steel railing complete with balusters and all, is not only a safety feature, but also a modern and stunning decorative feature.

Of course stainless steel handrails can be used outside as well. Imagine your beautiful pool with a stainless steel enclosure for the safety of your family and guests.

Stainless Steel Bull Bars and Roll Bars

So you bought yourself that long desired bakkie. Now you need to jazz it up with the necessary stainless steel accessories to protect the bakkie and its occupants. Of course you have a picture in your mind of what your bakkie must look like in the end. A man’s got to do what a man’s got to do, not so? But there is this wee little problem called a budget…

No problem – let the guys at Stainless Steel Worxshop help you design something that will suit your dream as well as your pocket.

Items they can manufacture and install on your vehicle, be it a car, bakkie, lorry, bus, even a motorcycle:

  • Bull bars – frontal protection for your vehicle such as bumper protection, wrap around, full face wrap around, top hat wrap around, etc.
  • Roll bars – offer added protection to the cab roof in the event of a roll-over.
  • Nudge bars or push bumpers fitted to the chassis and used to push something out of the way.
  • Side bars or side steps – provide a stepping surface especially for larger vehicles.
  • Slide bars – protecting the sides of the vehicle against damage e.g. rocks.
  • Rear steps – provide a stepping surface at the back of the vehicle, thus protecting the body of the vehicle from damage.
  • Grille guards – strong cage-like structure covering the front and protecting the grille end headlights in the event of a hit.
  • Rear bumper protectors – protecting the rear bumper against any kind of damage.

Don’t you just wish you could have them all on your brand new bakkie?

Stainless Steel Braais

In South Africa braai is kind of a national sport, replacing the traditional wall hanging with ‘What is a house without a braai?’ If you are one of those who are extremely serious about braai, Stainless Steel Worxshop is the place to visit. Let them build you a stainless steel braai which will be the envy of the town. In coastal towns like Still Bay and Jongensfontein the need is for quality stainless steel braais because of its non-corrosive nature.

This company mostly manufacture and install customised built-in braais in homes and lapas, complete with the chimney and a weather vane. They will also design and fabricate any free-standing braai according to the needs of the customer such as patio braais and table top braais. Furthermore they can build you a portable braai, or movable braai trolley and even a stainless steel spit-braai. If your need is only for a customised stainless steel braai grid or two, they will make you precisely what you need.

Stainless Steel Boat Accessories

Boat owners will be pleased to know that Stainless Steel Worxshop can help you with accessories for your boat. Customised and designed to your individual specifications and requirements. Whether you own a fishing charter boat, motor boat, ski boat, rubber duck, etc., if you need any stainless steel accessories for your boat, contact this company.

They can custom design, manufacture and install stainless steel boat accessories such as:

  • Guard rails and grab rails
  • Propellers
  • Anchors
  • Outboard motor brackets
  • Wake-board towers
  • Push plates
  • Boarding ladders
  • Ski bars
  • Fighting chairs
  • Standing battle stations
  • Boat fishing rod holders
  • Even make fishing rod holders for your bakkie
  • Revamp boat trailers as well as regular trailers

These are but a few examples of what they can manufacture for your boat. Try them – you won’t regret it!

Palisade Fencing and Gates

These guys can help you with palisade fencing as well as gates. They will buy prefabricated palisades and install them for you because those come cheaper. If you have specific needs, though, he will manufacture and install fences and gates for you.

Custom Steel Work – Fabrication

Although they focus on, and specialise in stainless steel, they also do custom steel work. Bring any steel work need to them and they will gladly oblige. That bracket you desperately need but can’t find any where, or that washing line sitting on a pole and rotating in the wind. You might need a laundry line mounted on a wall to fit in a confined space which can fold down when not in use. They will manufacture and install such line for you.

Try them for any steel fabrications such as stainless steel tables, counters, trolleys, etc. While working in the agricultural industry, Johnny manufactured farming equipment such as hammer-mills, conveyor belts and broiler/poultry feeders. During his stunt in the mining industry he was engaged in ventilation and designed and manufactured extractor fans needed in the mines.

This experience gives him the ability to design and manufacture pretty much anything including extractor fans for restaurants. They have all the equipment, machines and tools needed to cut, fold, bend, punch, stamp, weld, etc. while professionally fabricating steel items.


Cell: 082 443 2226

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Stainless Steel Worxshop – Vlekvrye Staal Werkswinkel in Stilbaai

Staalwerkbesigheid wat spesialiseer in vlekvrye staalwerk. Hulle adviseer, ontwerp, maak en installeer produkte van vlekvrye staal soos balustrades en trappe. So ook handrelings, boottoebehore, bosbrekers, rolbrekers, braai’s en ander staalprodukte.

Die besigheid is in die Kloof Industriële gebied in Stilbaai-Oos en het voorheen aan iemand anders behoort onder ‘n ander naam. Die huidige eienaar het baie jare ondervinding met staalwerk wat gesien kan word in sy presisiewerk. Sy vakmanskap spreek vanself en hy maak gebruik van slegs die beste kwaliteit materiaal. Nie almal kan met vlekvrye staal werk nie, maar hy is ‘n spesialis.

Dienste en Produkte

Balustrades (Leunings) van Vlekvrye Staal

Balustrades is die leunings op balkonne, stoepe, terrasse en so meer waar ‘n versperring nodig is om te verhoed dat mense kan afval. Dit is ‘n strukturele veiligheidselement wat ook grootliks kan bydra tot die estetika van ‘n gebou.

‘n Balustrade van vlekvrye staal is duursaam, elegant, sterk en het min onderhoud nodig omdat dit roesvry is. Stainless Steel Worxshop sal vir jou balustrades ontwerp, maak en so ook installeer volgens jou behoeftes. Die verskil wat ‘n slimontwerpte en perfekvervaardig en geïnstalleerde balustrade in jou huis sal maak, is ongelooflik.

Trappe en Relings van Vlekvrye Staal

Hierdie staalbesigheid bou strappe wat struktureel sterk en veilig is. Die kliënt voorsien die plan waarop die spesifikasies aangedui is, hy ontwerp en maak dit so. Indien ‘n strukturele ingenieur sekere standaarde spesifiseer, dan maak hy dit daarvolgens.

Vir die veiligheid van trapgebruikers moet daar handrelings wees om aan vas te hou. Die oop spasie tussen die handreling en die trappe self moet ook beveilig word, so daardie spasie word opgevul. Horisontale en vertikale stawe word so geplaas dat dit verhoed dat mense deur die gaping kan val. So ‘n vlekvryestaalreling is nie net ‘n veiligheidsmeganisme nie, maar dra ook op ‘n elegante, moderne en treffende manier by tot die dekor van jou huis.

Natuurlik kan vlekvryestaalrelings en trappe ook buite gebruik word. Sien in jou verbeelding so ‘n vlekvrye staal heining om jou swembad.

Bosbrekers en Rolbrekers van Vlekvrye Staal

So, jy het nou daardie lankbegeerde bakkie gekoop! Jy kort net ‘n paar vlekvrye staal toebehore om die bakkie en insittendes te beskerm. Laat die manne by Stainless Steel Worxshop vir jou ontwerp en installeer wat by jou droom en jou begroting pas.

Items wat hulle kan maak vir jou voertuig – motor, bakkie, vragmotor, bus, en selfs jou motorfiets:

  • Bosbreker (bull bars)
  • Rolbreker (roll bars) bykomende beskerming vir die kajuit van jou bakkie
  • Stootstaaf (nudge bar)
  • Systaaf en sytrap
  • Glystaaf
  • Agtertrap
  • Roosterskerm
  • Agterbuffer/stamper beskermers

Braai’s van Vlekvrye Staal

In Suid-Afrika is braai ‘n baie belangrike aktiwiteit. In kusdorpe soos Stilbaai en Jongensfontein is dit beter om vlekvrye staal te gebruik om jou braai te bou want dit roes nie.

Hierdie besigheid maak en installeer meestal ingeboude braai’s in huise of lapa’s volgens jou behoeftes, kompleet met skoorsteen en so ‘n draaiende weerhaan. So ook ontwerp en vervaardig hulle enige losstaande braai soos stoepbraai’s en braai’s wat op ‘n tafel kan staan. Hulle kan ‘n draagbare braai, braaitrollie en selfs ‘n spitbraai vir jou maak. As jy slegs ‘n spesifieke grootte braai rooster van vlekvrye staal wil hê, sal hulle so een ook vir jou maak.

Boottoebehore van Vlekvrye Staal

Stainless Steel Worxshop maak en installeer ook boottoebehore vir enige boot volgens spesifikasies van die booteienaar. Hengelbote, motorbote, skibote, opblaasbote (rubber ducks) en so meer – as jy toebehore van vlekvrye staal benodig, kontak hulle.

Dit sluit in items soos :

  • Veiligheidsrelings en gryprelings
  • Propellers
  • Ankers
  • Steunplate vir buiteboord motors
  • Skistange
  • Lere om mee aanboord te gaan
  • Hengel toerusting soos bakleistoele, staande bakleistasies en so meer
  • Boot visstokhouers
  • Bakkie visstokhouers
  • Doen bootsleepwaens en so ook gewone sleepwaentjies oor.

Palisadeheinings en Hekke

Hulle kan jou ook help met palisade heinings en hekke. Aangesien voorafvervaardigde palisades goedkoper is, sal hulle dit koop en vir jou installeer, so nie, sal hulle vir jou dit maak volgens jou spesifieke behoeftes.

Spesiaalvervaardigde Staal en Vlekvryestaalitems

Alhoewel hulle fokus op en spesialiseer in vlekvrye staal, maak hulle ook items van staal op versoek. So, bring daardie item wat jy nêrens te koop kan kry nie, maar nodig het om ‘n implement heel te maak, en vind uit of hulle dit vir jou kan maak. Of laat hulle vir jou ‘n spesiale staalwasgoedlyn maak wat in jou beperkte spasie kan inpas. So ook ‘n tafel, toonbank, trollie.

Tydens sy werksaamhede in die landbouindustrie het Johnny plaastoerusting gemaak soos hamermeulens, voerbande, voerbakke op hoenderplase en so meer. Gedurende sy tyd in die mynindustrie was hy betrokke by ventilering waar hy luguitsuigwaaiers ontwerp en gebou het.

Hierdie ondervinding gee hom die vermoë om enigiets te kan ontwerp en vervaardig, insluitende uitsuigwaaiers vir restaurante, en so meer. Hulle het die toerusting, masjiene en gereedskap wat nodig is om staal te sny, vou, buig, sweis, gate te pons, plat te stamp, en so meer.


Cell: 082 443 2226

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