Stylish Homes Stilbaai

Stylish Homes Stilbaai

Stylish Homes Stilbaai

Building contractors specialising in stylish country style home finishes such as stone cladding and Cemcrete floors, bathrooms and kitchens. Stylish Homes in Still Bay has a reputation for exquisite top quality house finishes throughout the Garden Route. The trend these days is to make use of natural materials thus creating the slightly rough look of a country house.

Stylish Homes has been in business since 2002 in Stilbaai, a coastal town in the Hessequa area of the Western Cape. They are known for their honesty, quality, integrity as well as personal commitment in dealing with clients. Their dedicated full time building team is qualified and skilled in all building aspects making it mostly unnecessary to use sub-contractors.

They keep frequent communication with clients for the duration of the project keeping them up to speed with the progress. Some clients are far away, therefore they keep them informed by sending photo’s and reports via email. They also offer advice on interior and artistic features as well as possible solutions to problems arising during executing the project.

Stylish Homes Builders – Services

This company offers various special finishes to your home. Be it part of a new house, an extension to, or a renovated area in an existing house or restoration of a historic house, they have the knowledge, skills as well as equipment to deliver a perfect product.

Cemcrete Floors

Cemcrete gets its name from cement and concrete. They offer various products used to coat cement surfaces. Installing such a product is an intricate technique and should be done by experienced contractors.

The Stylish Homes team members are Cemcrete specialists and experts in installing Cemcrete floors. Decorative cement-based flooring products come in various colours, designs and combinations which will suit any space – home, office, hotel, store, etc. It is easy to clean and maintain, a damp mop is all you require, it does not hold odours, harbour dust, fleas and mites, is non-toxic and is also not cold.

SatinCrete decorative interior coloured plaster is used to finish interior walls creating a smooth coloured finish.

Cemcrete Bathrooms

The trend is to manufacture bathroom vanities from cement which they finish using waterproof SatinCrete. They apply SatinCrete skimming on the vanities, in showers and on the walls and on the bath wall instead of tiles. On the floors they install Cemcrete creating an end product which is luxurious and stylish.

Their skill is so well-known that they manufacture bathroom vanities for architects across the Garden Route.


Apart from Cemcrete flooring and SatinCrete wall finishes in kitchens, they also manufacture and install counter tops from Liquid Stone to your own needs. Furthermore they specialise in cupboards made of Oregon Pine as well as any paint decorating of cupboards.

Stone Cladding by Stylish Homes Building Contractors

Stylish Homes has their own competent team of stone masons doing the stone cladding full time, applying the Scottish masonry method. Using limestone stones for their cladding they expertly perform their stonework on exterior as well as interior walls.

Their handiwork can be seen decorating built-in fireplaces, braais or pizza ovens inside houses and outside at lapas. Also along the side of a lifted porch, stone pillars holding the pergola roof or an enclosing wall in the garden creating the look of a castle wall. There are numerous ways in which they use stone cladding to stylishly decorate homes.

The colour of the natural stonework literally lets it fade into the environment of sand and fynbos.

Reeds, Rods and Thatch

Another specialised form of home finish is the use of reeds, rods as well as thatch. They use Spanish reed to create a rustic and natural look for ceilings instead of the traditional ceiling board. These ceilings are maintenance free and also insulate against heat and cold. Furthermore they use Spanish reed as roofs over pergolas, for screens as well as for fencing.

They alternatively use Blue-gum tree rods or sticks for the purpose of screens, fencing, roofing for pergolas or patios/porches or as ceilings. The use of yellow treated poles for the frame and Blue-gum rods or Spanish reed as roof for a patio creates a very natural look. More so when used in conjunction with stone cladding.

Furthermore they are skilled in the installation of thatch roofs on cottages and houses and lapas adding character to the home. Thatch is durable, appealing, eco-friendly as well as, being natural, offers the best insulation keeping the house cool in summer and warm in winter.

Stylvolle Huise deur Stylish Homes Bouers in Stilbaai

Boukontrakteurs wat spesialiseer in stylvolle plattelandse styl huisafwerkings soos klipwerk, Cemcrete-vloere, badkamers en kombuise. Die besigheid is begin in 2002 in Stilbaai, op die walle van die Goukourivier in die Hessequagebied van die Wes-Kaap.

Hulle is bekend vir hulle eerlikheid, kwaliteit, integriteit en so ook persoonlike toewyding waarmee hulle hulle kliënte benader. Kliënte word voortdurend op datum gehou met die vordering van hulle projek. Die besigheid het hulle eie voltydse span bouers wat in die meeste aspekte van bouwerk opgelei en ervare is.

Stylish Homes Boukontrakteurs – Dienste

Hierdie besigheid bied verskillende spesiale afwerkings vir jou huis. Of dit deel is van ‘n nuwe huis, aanbouing, verbetering of restorasie, hulle het die kennis, vaardighede en so ook die gereedskap om ‘n perfekte produk te lewer.

Cemcrete Vloere

Cemcrete vervaardig baie produkte wat gebruik word om sement- en konkreetoppervlaktes mee af te werk. Om so ‘n produk te installeer vereis ‘n spesiale tegniek en moet gedoen word deur ervare kontrakteurs.

Die span van Stylish Homes is Cemcrete-spesialiste en uiters vaardig in die installering van Cemcrete vloere. Dekoratiewe afwerkingsprodukte kom in verskillende kleure en sal in enige plek pas – huis, kantoor, hotel, winkel, en so meer. Die vloere is maklik om skoon te maak, dit absorbeer nie reuke nie, berg nie stof, vlooie of myte nie, is nie giftig nie en ook nie koud nie.

SatinCrete dekoratiewe binneshuise gekleurde pleister word gebruik om binnemure af te werk en ‘n gladde gekleurde afwerking daar te stel.

Cemcrete Badkamers

Die tendens is om badkamerkassies waarop die wasbak rus van sement te giet en dan met SatinCrete af te werk. Die afwerking word ook gebruik op die badkamermure en die stort instede van tradisionele teëls. Op die vloere installeer hulle dan Cemcrete.

Hulle vaardigheid met hierdie werk is wyd bekend en hulle vervaardig hierdie strukture vir argitekte oral oor die Tuinroete.

Cemcrete Kombuise

Behalwe vir die installering van Cemcrete vloere en SatinCrete mure in kombuise, vervaardig en installeer hulle toonbank- en tafelblaaie of -toppe van Liquid Stone. So ook spesialiseer hulle in Oregon Dennehout kaste asook die dekoratiewe verf van kombuiskaste.

Stylish Homes vir Klipwerk

Hulle het hulle eie baie bevoegde span voltydse klipmesselaars wat die klipwerk doen volgens die Skotse messelmetode. Hulle gebruik kalkklip vir hulle klipwerk op buite- en binnemure, rondom kaggels, braaiplekke, pizza-oonde, en so meer.

Daar is ‘n menigte gebruike van klipwerk vir stylvolle dekorasie van wonings. Die kleur van die kalksteen laat die huis letterlik insmelt met die omgewing van sand en fynbos.

Riet, Latte en Gras

‘n Verdere gespesialiseerde vorm van huisafwerking wat hulle aanbied, is die aanwending van riet, latte en gras. Stylish Homes gebruik Spaanse riet en so ook bloekomlatte as alternatiewe natuurlike materiaal vir plafonne, dakkies op pergolas en patio’s, skerms of afskortings en heinings.

Hulle is ook geskool in die installering van grasdakke op huise, kothuise en lapas om so by te dra tot die karakter van die woning. Grasdakke is duursaam, aantreklik, eko-vriendelik en so ook hou dit die huis koel in die somer en warm in die winter.

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