The Blinds Factory – Stilbaai

The Blinds Factory - Stilbaai

The Blinds Factory – Stilbaai

Blinds specialists and leading blinds manufacturer and supplier in South Africa. The Blinds Factory is a well-established blinds manufacturing company providing the most popular types of blinds in the country. They manufacture and supply customised interior as well as exterior blinds for use in the residential, commercial and industrial sectors.

Blinds are a popular and stylish alternative window covering to conventional curtains in home improvement projects as well as new buildings.

Indoor blinds are offered in a variety of fabrics, colours and styles such as roman, venetian, roller, vertical, panel and bamboo. Outdoor blinds can add style to patios, verandas, pergolas and gazebos and are manufactured of poly-fibre that can withstand harsh weather conditions.

Blinds are stylish and elegant, durable, versatile, adjustable and provide maximum natural light through horizontal or vertical vanes and slats. Control happens by means of a manual pull chord, draw chain system or electric remote control.

Their motto and guarantee: Affordable quality/Service excellence.

The Blinds Factory Services

  • They manufacture and supply interior and exterior customised blinds in a variety of styles, fabrics as well as colours country wide.
  • The Blinds Factory offers free quotes.
  • Manufactures, supplies as well as installs interior and exterior blinds in Jongensfontein, Still Bay and Riversdale and the rest of Hessequa for large orders.
  • Repair service – Damaged and broken blinds, rollers, brackets, pull chords, slats, etc. in the Jongensfontein, Still Bay and Riversdale area.
  • Cleaning service – Aluminium venetian blinds as well as vertical blinds can be cleaned by appointment. Cleaning is done at own risk and if they appear to be damaged after cleaning, they can be repaired at additional cost.

The Blinds Factory Hours

Weekdays 07:30 – 17:00

The Blinds Factory Products

They make the blinds according to your specified measurements, therefore you need to give precise measurements in millimetres when placing your order. Consult the Blinds Factory Web-page for clear instructions on measuring your blinds.

Also consult their Web-page for the specifications of every product as well as the accompanying brackets and other fittings needed for the installation of your blinds.

Venetian Blinds

The venetian blind is one of the most popular window coverings consisting of horizontal slats, one on top of the other, and suspended on ladder cords. One can easily adjust these blinds to let in more or less light as well as raise or lower them using a pull cord.

Venetian blinds are perfect for use in offices, bathrooms and kitchens as well as most other locations. They are affordable, easy to clean and operate, suitable for all window sizes and come in a variety of materials, finishes and colours.

The Blinds Factory offers Aluminium (16mm, 25mm and 50mm); Woodlook (50mm); PVC Modwood (50mm); Vintage (50mm); and Basswood (50mm) Venetian Blinds.

Vertical Blinds

The slats of this type of blind hang vertical, one next to the other and can easily be adjusted or tilted for light control. To open or close the window, vertical blinds are moved to one side where they sit stacked snugly together out of the way. These stylish blinds are also popular for use in offices as well as residences.

Vertical blinds come in various materials as well as elegant colours. The Blinds Factory offers three different types of vertical blinds, namely light filtering, sunblock and PVC rigid.

Roller Blinds

A Roller blind is a sheet of stiffened material attached to a roller that is fitted into the top of the window frame. The sheet rolls up and down to cover or uncover the window. There are various designs available in different fabrics and colours to enhance the appearance of the room. These blinds are suitable for use in the private as well as commercial sectors.

Roller blinds come as sunblock roller blinds, light filtering sheer-weave roller blinds and PVC screening roller blinds. A very interesting and stylish design is the dual vision blind or also called Zebra or double roller blind which offers a unique balance between privacy and light control

Roman Blinds

Also called roman shades, these blinds are made of the same fabric as their roller blinds, namely light filtering sheer-weave, sunblock and PVC screening. They are versatile, popular, elegant, and offers a contemporary look to most rooms in your home.

Roman blinds also hang flat and straight against a window when in the down or closed position. The difference is in the way these blinds behave when raised or opened. Roman blinds fold up neatly into even-sized horizontal folds stacked on top of each other when raised. This works through a series of vertical cords creating a pulley-like system.

Panel Blinds

These blinds are similar to vertical blinds, but their panels are wider and do not tilt. Panel blinds are installed on a gliding track. When in the open position the panels are stacked one neatly behind the other. They also come in sunblock, light filtering sheer-weave and PVC screening fabric.

These sliding blinds are versatile and can be used to cover large windows, sliding doors and patio doors or even as room dividers. Panel blinds are elegant, innovative, different, neat, attractive and sophisticated.

Bamboo, Jute, Reed, Grass Blinds

The material these products are made of, are all natural which means they will all behave differently in certain conditions. If you do not like a rustic, mostly uneven look, you should steer away from this product.

These blinds should be protected from direct contact with water. If they have, however become wet or damp, remember the golden rule of blinds – do not roll them up or bundle them together when wet. Let them first dry out completely.

Poly-fibre Outdoor Blinds

The PVC outdoor blinds are manufactured in South Africa making it a proudly South African product. They are perfectly suited to withstand the harsh weather conditions of South Africa. The slats resemble bamboo which gives them a rustic, natural outdoor appearance.

Caution: these blinds are not fire retardant.

Security Shutters and Gates

Elegant, stylish, strong, customised aluminium security shutters, aluminium burglar bars, aluminium security gates.

Tel: 028 754 1274

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The Blinds Factory – Blindingfabriek in Stilbaai

Blindingspesialiste en toonaangewende blindingvervaardiger en -verskaffer in Suid-Afrika. Die Blinds Factory verskaf die gewildste tipes blindings vir interne en so ook eksterne gebruik in die residensiële, kommersiële en industriële sektore.

Die blindings kom in verskillende materiale, kleure en style soos romeins, hortjies (venesiaans), roller, vertikaal, paneel en bamboes. Blindings is stylvol en elegant, duursaam, veelsydig, verstelbaar en voorsien maksimum natuurlike lig. Dit kan beheer word d.m.v. die trek van ‘n toutjie of kettinkie of so ook ‘n elektriese afstandsbeheertoestel.

Hulle waarborg jou bekostigbare kwaliteit en uitnemende diens.


  • Vervaardig en voorsien kliëntgespesifiseerde blindings in ‘n verskeidenheid style, materiale en so ook kleure landswyd.
  • Hulle gee gratis kwotsies.
  • Vervaardig, voorsien en installeer binneshuise en so ook buitemuurse blindings in Jongensfontein, Stilbaai en Riversdal. So ook die res van Hessequa vir groot bestellings.
  • Herstel van gebreekte of beskadigde blindings, rollers, trekkoorde, hortjies, klampe, en so meer in Jongensfontein, Stilbaai en Riversdal.
  • Skoonmaakdiens – Aluminium hortjieblindings en so ook vertikale blindings kan op bestelling skoongemaak word. Dit word op eie risiko gedoen. As dit beskdadig lyk na die skoonmaakproses, kan dit reggemaak word teen ‘n addisionele koste.


Blindings word vervaardig volgens jou gespesifiseerde mates, so jy moet presiese afmetings in millimeters gee wanneer jy jou bestelling plaas. Raadpleeg asb. die Blinds Factory se webblad vir duidelike instruksies oor hoe die afmetings gedoen moet word.

Raadpleeg die webblad verder vir volledige spesifikasies van elke produk en so ook watter installeringsbybehore ingesluit word by elke produk.

Hortjieblindings of Venesiaanse Blindings

Hierdie blindings is een van die gewildste vensterbedekkings en bestaan uit horisontale hortjies, een bokant die ander, wat in plek gehou word deur leerkoorde. Mens kan hierdie blindings baie maklik verstel om so ‘n bietjie meer of minder lig in te laat deur die trek van ‘n toutjie.

Hortjieblindings is perfek vir gebruik in kantore, badkamers en kombuise en so ook meeste ander plekke. Hulle is bekostigbaar, maklik om skoon te maak en geskik vir alle groottes vensters en kom in ‘n verskeidenheid materiale, afwerkings en kleure.

Vertikale Blindings

Die hortjies van hierdie soort blindings hang vertikaal, die een langs die ander en kan maklik verstel of gekantel word om so die lig te beheer. Om die venster oop of toe te maak, trek mens bloot die hortjies na een kant waar dit teenmekaar en netjies uit die pad hang. Hierdie stylvolle blindings is baie gewild in kantore en so ook woonhuise.

Vertikale blindings is beskikbaar in verskillende materiale asook elegante kleure. Die Blinds Factory bied drie verskillende tipes vertikale blinding, naamlik ligfiltrering, sonblok en PVC.


Die rolblinding is ‘n stuk stywerige materiaal wat om ‘n roller oprol. Hierdie roller word in die bokant van die vensterraam vasgeheg. Die materiaal word dan op- en afgerol om so die venster oop en toe te maak. Daar is verskeie ontwerpe beskikbaar in verskillende materiale en kleure. Hierdie blinders is geskik vir die privaat, en so ook kommersiële sektore.

Rolblinders kom in sonblok rolblinders, ligfiltrerende rolblinders en PVC rolblinders. ‘n Baie interessante en stylvolle ontwerp is die dubbelsig- of Zebra- of dubbelrollerblinding wat ‘n unieke balans bied tussen privaatheid en ligbeheer.

Romeinse Blindings

Hulle maak die romeinse blindings van dieselfde materiaal as hulle rolblindings, naamlik die sonblok, ligfiltrering en PVC. Hierdie blindings is veelsydig en so ook gewild, elegant en gee ‘n eietydse voorkoms aan die meeste vertrekke in jou huis.

Romeinse blindings hang plat en reguit teen die venster soos die rolblinding wanneer dit in die toegetrekte posisie is. Die verskil lê in die wat gebeur wanneer dit oopgetrek word. In plaas van om rondom ‘n roller op te rol, vou die romeinse blinding in eweredige horisontale stroke op. Dit werk deur middel van ‘n reeks vertikale koorde wat so ‘n katrolagtige stelsel vorm.


Hierdie blindings is soortgelyk aan vertikale blindings, maar hulle panele is heelwat wyer en so ook kan dit nie skuins gedraai word nie. Paneelblindings word op ‘n glyspoor geinstalleer. So, as hulle in die oopgetrekte posisie is, is hulle een netjies agter die ander ingepak. Hulle kom ook in die sonblok, ligfiltrering en PVC materiale.

Die glyblindings is veelsydig en kan gebruik word voor groot vensters, skuifdeure en stoepdeure en selfs as afskortings. Hulle is elegant, innoverend, anders, netjies, aantreklik en so ook gesofistikeerd.

Bamboes-, Jute of goiing-, Riet-, Grasblindings

Die materiaal waarvan hierdie produkte gemaak word, is alles natuurlik wat beteken dat hulle almal verskillend sal reageer in bepaalde omstandighede. So, as jy nie van ‘n ongekunstelde, amper oneweredige voorkoms hou nie, moet jy liewer nie hierdie produk koop nie.

Hierdie blindings behoort beskerm te word teen direkte kontak met water. As dit wel nat of klam geword het, onthou die goue reël van blindings – moenie dit oprol of teenmekaar bondel terwyl dit klam of nat is nie. Laat dit eers behoorlik uitdroog.

Polivesel Buitemuurse Blindings

Hierdie PVC buitemuurse blindings is ‘n trots Suid-Afrikaanse produk. Hulle is volkome bestand teen die harde weersomstandighede van Suid-Afrika. Die hortjies lyk soos bamboes wat ‘n natuurlike, ongekunstelde voorkoms daaraan verleen.

Waarskuwing: hierdie blindings is nie vuurbestand nie.

Sekuriteitsluike en -Hekke

Elegante, stylvolle, sterk, pasgemaakte aluminium veiligheidshortjieluike, aluminium diefwering en aluminium veiligheidshekke.

Tel: 028 754 1274

Vir nog baie meer, besoek hul Webtuiste.The Blinds Factory - Stilbaai

6 Ritbar Street

Stilbaai Industrial

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