Top Experiences Mossel Bay

Experience Mossel Bay Indalu Game Reserve Mossel Bay

Top Experiences in Mossel Bay

Want some unforgettable experiences, unrivalled adventures and exciting things to do in Mossel Bay and surrounds? Incredible stories to tell your friends back home? There are ample tourist attractions, activities to suit every interest, fun entertainment, recreational opportunities as well as the ultimate action stunts.

Mossel Bay is a lovely, fast developing town sprawled along the southern coast of South Africa. Right in the heart of the Garden Route on the N2 route through the Western Cape Province and popular holiday destination for locals as well as tourists from abroad.

Visitors as well as local can experience Mossel Bay through three great fun opportunities. Firstly the magical Indalu Game Reserve with its elephants and rhinos. Secondly the invigorating Freaking Fast Waverider trips and thirdly the White Shark Parasailing challenge. Adrenaline literally tearing through your veins!

Walk with the Elephants at  Indalu Game Reserve Near Mossel Bay

Enjoy Mossel Bay through one of the most fascinating things to do in the area – a visit to the Indalu Game Reserve (isiXhosa word for ‘nature’). The Reserve is a sanctuary for tamed elephants rescued from abuse and cruelty. Since these huge creatures are tame, visitors can actually touch them, feed them as well as walk with the elephants in their natural environment.

Part of this unique and enchanting elephant experience is learning about the behaviour and intelligence of these gentle animals. Their experienced handlers and highly trained guides know the African bush extremely well and share their vast knowledge with visitors. Walking next to such an enormous live creature, is a very sobering, inspiring and memorable experience.

Enjoy a Adventure Boat Ride in  Mossel Bay 

If you are lured by excitement and addicted to pure adrenaline shooting through your veins, this one is for you! The Freaking Fast Waverider is a high speed adventure boat trip starting from the Mossel Bay,  Waterfront Jetty. This luxury custom built power boat accommodates 12 people at a time all snug and safe in a proper safety jacket.

There are two freaking fast trips to choose from – the Cave Trip as well as the Seal Island Trip. Both of these trips are fun experiences, thrilling and simply unforgettable. Weather and sea conditions permitting, the pilot will push up the speed, sometimes exceeding 120 km/h causing a huge surge in adrenaline. This freaking fast boat completes a 22 km trip in under 15 minutes.

Find them at the Waterfront jetty, Mossel Bay harbour…

Explore Mossel Bay and Enjoy – Parasailing Along the Coastline

How would you describe the adrenaline inducing adventure of hanging in a parachute para-sailing on tow behind a speedboat? Invigorating? What about spotting a Great White or two in the ocean below you? Hair-raising, mind-blowing, exhilarating, intoxicating? Or simply petrifying? If this is the kind of adventure you crave, White Shark Parasailing in Mossel Bay is for you.

Experience the matchless adventure of gliding through the air being towed by a speeding motor boat and wearing an open parachute. Spotting sharks and seals in the water below. This unbeatable adventure of shark watching while para-sailing lasts about 2 hours for 10 people with a 90% chance of spotting a great white shark.

Be warned though, this awesome sight might haunt your dreams for a long time!