Van Zyl Bestuurskool

Van Zyl Bestuurskool

A Driving School in Riversdale offering driving lessons for heavy motor vehicles, light vehicles as well as learner’s license classes.

Van Zyl Driving School Riversdale

Professional as well as friendly instructors that will patiently help you prepare for the big day of the driver’s test. They offer the best driving instruction, in the best vehicles, as well as at the best prices.

Van Zyl Driving School instructors will of course present classes for the learner’s license in all the codes. They will make sure that you understand the road rules and also how to apply them.

In addition they will instruct you individually in the vehicle (code of your choice) from explaining the K53 pre-test and the working of a motor vehicle’s controls. As the lessons progress, your ability and skill will also progress until such a time that you are ready for the test.

They offer lessons on light motor vehicles (old code 8, or new code EB) as well as heavy motor vehicles (old code 10, or new code EC1).

With a code EB, you may, in fact drive a motor vehicle up to 3 500kg plus a trailer over 750kg.

The EC1 code allows you to drive a heavy truck or bus from 3 500kg to 16 000kg with a trailer over 750kg. This code also allows you to drive code B, code EB, code C, as well as code C1 vehicles. (Not motorcycles, though!)

They will do quotes on request.

Pass your driver’s license test at the first attempt!

Van Zyl Bestuurskool Riversdal

Die instrukteurs is professioneel en geduldig en bied jou die beste bestuurslesse met die beste voertuie en teen die beste pryse.

Hulle gee leerlinglisensieklasse vir alle kode voertuie. Verder leer hulle jou die voortoets volgens die K53, asook alles omtrent die kontroles van die voertuig.

Hulle doen opleiding vir ligte voertuie (ou kode 8, nuwe kode EB) asook swaar trokke (ou kode 10, nuwe kode EC1).

Kwotasies sal op versoek gedoen word.

Slaag jou bestuurslisensietoets met die eerste probeerslag!

Van Zyl Bestuurskool


PW van Zyl
Cell: 082 402 1653

Cell: 072 051 7541

Fax: 028 713 2519

20 Versfeld Str