Zauberberg Cottage Knysna Yoga & Zen Shiatsu

Zauberberg Cottage Knysna

Zauberberg Cottage Knysna Yoga & Zen Shiatsu

Offering Hatha Yoga or Zen Shiatsu treatments, private in house classes, of course at individually pre-booked times.

Namaste, if you are looking for bodywork sessions like mindful “Scaravelli inspired” Hatha Yoga or Shiatsu treatments: I offer private in house classes/ treatments at individually pre-booked times.

Zen Shiatsu is a Japanese body treatment based on the concepts of Traditional Chinese Medicine. I am a trained Shiatsu practitioner following the tradition of the Japanese Master Shizuto Masunaga (1925-1981).

Yen Shiatsu

Masunaga developed what later became known as „Zen Shiatsu“ in Japan during the 1970s by combining traditional techniques, such as accupressure, with psychological observations and concepts. Many different styles of Shiatsu are practiced today – what they all have in common though is an approach based on the „Science of Ki.”

The concept of Qi (or Ki in Japanese) states that our vital energy, the Ki within us, is the source of all movement and transformation in the body. When Ki is flowing harmoniously, a person will experience optimal health. The flow of Ki can be affected by movement, acupressure, and touch – all used during a shiatsu session – as well as lifestyle, diet and emotions.

Both Shiatsu and Yoga are ideal in assisting you to start your holiday in a relaxed and joyful mode. For more information on me and my background in Yoga and Shiatsu please visit my pages at and

I look forward to meeting you on the mat!

Zauberberg Cottage Knysna Yoga & Zen Shiatsu


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