Botterkloof Joodse (Jewish) Huysie

Botterkloof Joodse (Jewish) Huysie

Botterkloof Joodse (Jewish) Huysie

Botterkloof Joodse Huisie

Botterkloof Joodse (Jewish) Huysie

The Botterkloof Jewish House and Old School form part of the Still Bay Heritage Route in the Hessequa area in the Western Cape.

In the early 18th century a farmer was on his way to Riversdale with a wagon load of vats containing butter. In the valley where the old homestead of Botterkloof was built, the wagon tipped over and butter was spilled everywhere – hence the name Botterkloof. The original road between Riversdale and Still Bay went past the old Botterkloof homestead.

A Jewish couple occupied the house in 1930. They planted and sold vegetables from a barn next to the farmstead.

In renovating these old buildings Gert and Elsa Kruger linked the old homestead with the barn and both the inside and outside of the barn were beautifully preserved.

Olive oil and table olives produced on Botterkloof are stored in the Botterkloof Joodse (Jewish) Huysie and can be tasted.

There are three dams on Botterkloof resort for black bass fishing and Botterkloof host conferences and weddings, self-catering accommodation (there is a lovely chapel and outside wedding area).

Die Botterkloof Joodse (Jewish) Huysie was die ou opstal van die plaas Botterkloof naby Stilbaai en is gerestoureer en vandag in gebruik as akkommodasie by die Botterkloofoord.

Still Bay’s First School

The first school in Still Bay was constructed in the early 1900s and was mainly built by the farmers of the district. Especially the Cronje and Kleinhans families contributed greatly to this effort.

It was built out of sand stone blocks on which the farmers in the district worked together. They chiseled the sandstone into square blocks.

They later built a house for the school principal near the national road and children of the district attended this school for 70 years.

The school was then taken over by the NG Missionary church when Bertie Barnard School was built in Still Bay.

Botterkloof School continued due to a feud between the NG Missionary Church and Anglican Church governing boards. This was because most of the learners were mainly from Melkhoutfontein and farm children of the district.
Both the school and the principals house were then used for about 150 children. The staff consisted of a principal and six teachers.

The two schools continued to operate independently until the new political dispensation.  With better facilities the two schools then merged in 2006 and became Melkhoutfontein primary.

The current owners, Gert and Elsa Kruger restored the school and are now being used as a guesthouse.  The buildings are preserved with minimal changes inside and can be visited by appointment.

Or is ideal to rent for large family gatherings, should you wish to stay at Botterkloof resort where there is from one to 5 bedrooms fully furnished and equipped.

Die Ou Botterkloof Skoolhuisie.

Die Ou Skool van Stilbaai op die plaas Botterkloof is vandag gerestoureer en in gebruik vir akkommodasie en ander geleenthede by die Botterkloofoord.

Botterkloof Joodse (Jewish) Huysie

Botterkloof Resort
+/- 5Km outside Still Bay on the road to Riversdale (R302)
Botterkloof Road sign just before Inverrouche.
Still Bay

Benesia Marcus (Bookings)
Tel: 028 754 2388
Elsa Kruger
Cell: 082 903 6642

For more ,click here and visit their Website direct. Botterkloof Joodse Huisie