Wafra Fishing Boat

Wafra Fishing Boat

Wafra Fishing Boat

Wafra Fishing Boat

Wafra Fishing Boat

What is a fishing town without a historical boat? The Wafra, a fishing boat (Tok) stranded and sank in 2002 on the rocks at Skulpiesbaai, Still Bay in the Western Cape.

The Wafra Fishing Boat story

The last time the Wafra, a commercial fishing boat left Still Bay harbour was on 25 April 2002 with eight crew members on board. They headed into the direction of Jongensfontein.

The Wafra Fishing Boat and its crew of eight was caught in heavy mist and were stranded on the rocks at Skulpiesbaai. It was dark and misty, visibility +/- 7 to 8 meters. It was low tide but the tide started to come in. Mario was sitting in the nose of the boat at that time.

A loud thud was heard as if a rock was hit. The impact of the incident threw the skipper and Willie off the boat. The boat tilted and Mario threw the life buoys out to others in the water while he himself jumped off. Reginald felt the boat started to sink and took on water. He saw a freak wave come which hit the boat and tipped it all the way over.

Everything happened very fast. The crew were no longer on the boat. Mario called out to the other crew members but no one answered. The waters was very choppy where the boat ran aground. Mario swam into calmer water and then heard Reginald calling.

Six of the eight crew members lost their lives when the Wafra fishing boat sank on 25 April 2002 at 06h00.
Between 35 and 40 fisherman’s boats returned to the harbour for the funeral on May 1st, 2002.

The Wafra still lives…

The Wafra was later a well-known beacon next to the N2 at the turn-off to Still Bay.

It was replaced in 2011 by the current boat that is an extremely popular ‘photo stop’ for hundreds of holiday makers.

The Wafra was then restored and now serves as a monument. The Wafra is next to the NSRI building at the Still Bay Harbour.

Die Wafra Visserskuit

Op 25 April 2002 om 06h00 het die Wafra visserskuit, ook genoem ‘n Tok, by Skulpiesbaai naby die Stilbaaihawe gestrand. Slegs twee van die agt manne aan boord het die ramp oorleef.

Die Wafra is geretoureer en dien nou as ‘n monument. Die boot is te sien langs die NSRI-gebou op die Stilbaaihawe.