Crystal Stream

Crystal Stream Stilbaai / Still Bay

Business offering bottled ozonated water, water refills for drinking, as well as ice in Still Bay. Gebottelde water en gesuiwerde drinkwater hervulling en ys.

Water in Still Bay tastes quite brackish, therefore most people install built-in-filtration systems in their houses or buy filtered water for drinking. Crystal Stream offers top quality purified water refills at the shop as well as delivered on the same day at your door. You can also make use of their facility inside OK Grocer as well as at Die Blou Seekat on the eastern side of the Goukou River – from 1 litre to 1000 litre. Just bring your own holder.

Services at Crystal Stream

-bottled water, sparkling water and also fruit juice
-quality water refills purified by reverse osmosis, ozone enriched as well as bacteria free
-water deliveries
-air purifiers
-water dispensers on contract or for cash
-installation and maintenance of household as well as industrial purifying systems
-filters and also parts for water purifiers
-10% discount on refills on Wednesdays for Jagersbosch members
-personalised labels for functions – they can also help you to design your personal label for your private function or event
-Credit card facilities are available

Crystal Stream Honey on Tap

They also sell honey made from the nectar from different sources such as fynbos, canola, lucerne and blue-gum, of course depending on the bees. Bring your own holder (dry on the inside) and they pour in as much as you want. Or buy a holder from them which can be reused for this purpose.

Gesuiwerde drinkwater en heuning in Stilbaai

Hulle herstel, verskaf en installeer watersuiweraars en membraan-waterstelsels. Verder verskaf hulle gebottelde water, ys, sappe en ook water osoonverrykte gesuiwerde hervullings wat hulle ook kan aflewer by jou voordeur.

Laat hervul jou waterhouers by die winkel of binne-in OK Grocer, of ook in Stilbaai-oos by Die Blou Seekat. Hier kan jy van 1liter tot 1000liter water kry. Jagersboschlede kry op Woensdae 10% afslag op hervullings.

Daar is ook heuning te koop. Bring jou eie houer (droog binne-in) en laat hulle vir jou intap. Of koop ‘n houertjie by hulle en gebruik dit weer en weer. Afhangende van die bye, kan jy fynbos-heuning, canola-heuning, lusern-heuning of bloekom-heuning kry.


OK Grocer Building

Main Road West



Riaan Moag

Tel: 028 754 1474

Cell: 082 702 7669

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