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R O Filtration Systems

RO Water Filters

R O Filtration Systems Still Bay

Company providing water purification systems for households as well as businesses and industries making use of Reverse Osmosis filtration. Their services include filters and filter housings, servicing and repairing systems including household systems as well as industrial units and spares.

One of the best methods to clean water from impurities, is in a word, reverse osmosis (RO). This purification system provides outstanding drinking water for your home or business and is also one of the most popular water filtration methods. Not only does it produce great-tasting water, but it is also effective and safe.

RO systems are simple to maintain since they have very few moving parts which makes cleaning and servicing easy. The system does not use any electricity but works by household water pressure. This pushes tap water through a membrane that allows some molecules through but others not (semi-permeable). It will hold back elements such as fluoride, lead, chlorine, pesticides as well as nitrates, detergents and sulphates.

R O Filtration Systems stock a wide range of purification systems to suit your need. They offer de-scaling systems to protect your geyser as well as other appliances. Also under the counter systems for purified drinking water.

This company has been trading in these systems in Still Bay for more than 11 years building customer relations as well as gaining invaluable experience. Of course they supply only the best quality products under American license at affordable prices. In addition they service and repair most other makes of water systems as well.

So, contact them for advice on a system that will suit your requirements today!

Tru-Osmose Waterfiltreringstelsels in Stilbaai

R O Filtration Systems is in die watersuiweringsbesigheid en voorsien Stilbaai en Jongensfontein van gesuiwerde drinkwater wat heerlik smaak. So ook kan die gefiltreerde water jou geyser en ander implemente beskerm teen die aanpakking van onsuiwer elemente in die water.

Hulle dienste sluit in filters en filterhouers en diens en herstel van stelsels. Ook beskikbaarstelling van onderdele asook die verskaffing van industriële suiweringseenhede.

So, vir inligting oor ‘n stelsel wat in jou behoeftes sal voorsien, kontak R O Filtration Systems vandag!


Ron and Charmaine Martin ( Still Bay & Jongensfontein )

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