Die Tuin op die Brak

Die Tuin op die Brak


Die Tuin op die Brak

Die Tuin op die Brak

Die Tuin op die Brak

This garden in Still Bay contains plants indigenous to the Hessequa area in the Western Cape in the Garden Route. ‘Die Tuin op die Brak’ literally means ‘the garden on the brakish spot’.

What is it?

It is a unique, botanically accurate fynbos park, with plants indigenous to the Hessequa area. There are already more than 220 different plant species, including 11 endangered species.

Where is this park?

Find us in Still bay East next to the Main Road. Just follow the road next to the Goukou river on the way to the main beach area.

Who does it belong to?

The Park is property of the Hessequa Municipality. The development of the park is the responsibility of the “Tuin op die Brak” Society, a voluntary, non-profit committee. This society has signed a contract with the municipality, obliging them to develop and maintain the park.

Financing of the Park.

We are maintaining the park through donations  by private donors as well as some assistance by the local municipality.

The local Lions Club sponsored the “Ruik-en-raakroete” (a route designed especially for blind visitors that allows them to touch and smell the plants).

All of the members of the committee are working without remunerations – this includes the professional designer Prof Ben Farrell, a landscape architect, and his daughter, Berdene Farrell. Berdene is responsible for the beautiful artistic designs that decorate the wall also designing the lovely metal statue.

Why is this park unique?

This park is one of a kind for three reasons:

• You can only find our unique Fynbos (Plants) that grows in alkali ground in the Hessequa area. This is contrary to other fynbos that grows in acidic ground.

• Recent archaeological findings revealed that the indigenous fynbos of this area contributed to the survival of our ancestors (Homo sapiens) during the ice age.

•The Garden is wheelchair friendly and  designed especially for disabled people to enjoy.

How can the community help to maintain and develop this garden for future generations?

You can contribute to the maintenance of this beautiful piece of living art and history by donating and becoming a member.

Die Tuin op die Brak

Die Tuin op die Brak is aan die oostekant van die Goukourivier in Stilbaai, Wes-Kaap, ‘n unieke fynbospark met plante inheems aan die Hessequagebied.

Ons plante is uniek aan hierdie gebied want, anders as ander fynbos en dit groei slegs in alkaliese grond.

Ons wandelpaadjies sowel as die kiosk is rolstoelvriendelik. Die naambordtjies of beskrywing van die plante is ook in braille skrif sodat blinde mense ook die plante kan beleef en. Heelwat blinde mense besoek en geniet ook die tuin aangesien die naambordjies of plantbeskrywings ook in braille skrif beskikbaar is.

Ontwikkeling van die tuin word vrywilliglik gedoen en bydraes hiervoor sal baie waardeer word.


Die Tuin-op-die-Brak,
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