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Fish Witsand – WJ Crafts

For charter fishing –  river fishing, deep-sea fishing, spear fishing and also river cruises. Wihan Wegewarth of Fish Witsand is a greatly experienced and seasoned Skipper and Guide. He knows all the best local fishing spots on land as well as deep in the ocean. He also knows when sea conditions allow for deep-sea fishing. To experience the excitement of deep sea fishing landing your first black marlin, simply book a place on his boat. He will safely navigate ‘The Bar’, that often treacherous and tricky exit or entry point between the river mouth and the ocean. Fish you can expect to catch out at sea are kob, yellow-tail, geelbek as well as red Roman, red Steenbras and also sharks and many other.

In addition Fish Witsand offers you the opportunity to do some fishing in the Breede River estuary, the largest estuary in South Africa. In the river-mouth you might catch fish such as spotted Grunter, Garrick, Steenbras as well as kob, elf and Cape stump-nose. Since the water of the Breede River is salty for many miles inland, you can even expect the odd shark in the estuary as well.

Wihan is also a keen spearo (person participating in spear-fishing) and also offers you spear-fishing. How much more excitement do you want? Actually swimming with the fish, hunting and shooting them. You might very definitely look a shark in the eye with nothing but water between you!

For all of the above-mentioned fishing adventures, Fish Witsand of course provides all the fishing gear and tackle.

Family-fun on the water

Furthermore they offer relaxing river cruising trips, an opportunity for kid and families to peruse the river by boat. They do educational sandbank trips at the river mouth and educate the kids (and grown-ups!) about them. Take a cruise around the river, enjoying the beautiful scenery, the sea birds, the sun and the breeze. Admire the rugged coast and the unassuming appeal of the unspoiled beach and surrounding area. If you are lucky, and it is in the right season, you might even spot some southern right whales as well as dolphins playing just behind the breakers.

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Fish Witsand – WJ Crafts vir visvangdienste

Wihan Wegewarth is ‘n gesoute Skipper en Gids en ken die beste visvangplekke in die diepsee en so ook die rivier. Om die opwinding van diepseehengel te ervaar, vra hom om jou op die see uit te vat. Hy ken die see en weet wanneer die tyd reg is om op die see te wees.

So ook kan hy jou vir hengel/plesierritte neem op die water van die riviermonding waar jy vis soos kabeljou, Grunter, Garrick, Elwe en Steenbras kan vang. Hy is ook ‘n ywerige visjagter waar vis met ‘n pylgeweer geskiet word. Vir al die visvangavonture voorsien hulle ook die visvanggereedskap.

Verder bied hulle ook opvoedkundige bootritte in die riviermonding aan waartydens kinders onderrig word oor die sandbankareas.

Bespreek sommer nou jou plek!


Wihan Wegewarth (Skipper & Guide)

Cell: 072 109 4744

Witsand Office: 084 463 2779