Garden Route Trail Park

Garden Route Trail Park

Garden Route Trail Park

Garden Route Trail Park

for the Mountain Bike and Trail Running fans.

Imagine a secret place off the beaten track, where endless trails snake their way through ancient forests. Wooded giants stand guard over the single-tracks as they fly through streams, as well as shady fern glades and forest tunnels.

The secret Knysna single-tracks that are always spoken of but never seen. Only a privileged few have had the opportunity to experience this world, where the forest elephants still roam today and folk lore talks of magical moments only mother nature can provide.

Escape into the undiscovered and become part of the journey through the Outeniqua forests too.

The Garden Route Trail Park sits at the very foot of the Outeniqua Mountains and the Karatara River Gorge, midway between George and Knysna, in the heart of the Garden Route. In short, bring the whole family to experience the magic.

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