Fishing Charter Stilbaai

Fishing Charter Stilbaai

Fishing Charter Stilbaai- Diepsee Hengel Stilbaai Fisherman by the Boat

Fishing Charter Stilbaai / Diepsee Hengel Stilbaai

Deep sea fishing, the ultimate fishing experience in the company of experienced skipper, Andries. He had a commercial boat for many years operating around Still Bay thus he knows all the best fishing spots. He can also read the sea like the fishermen did before the days of! (Wind and weather reports and forecasts for sailors)

Fishing Charter Stilbaai owns two boats, the Tsitsikama (4+skipper) and the Gremlin (5+skipper). From 26 December until the second week in January, both boats are available. Andries skippers the one and his son, Ben, skippers the other. Since Andries is living in Still Bay, one boat is always available. Both of these boats are of course registered as charter boats with the South African Maritime Safety Authority (SAMSA) and thus adheres to safety regulations.

They offer a professional service with a high level of integrity and success rate. The best fishing months of course are from October to April. The fish you can expect to catch include fish such as red stumpnose, yellowtail, cape salmon, tuna as well as cod, hake, marlin, red roman and santer. You might also encounter a variety of sharks such as mako, thresher, bronze whalers and blue shark as well as gully, smooth hound sharks and ragged tooth sharks.

Currently their price is R900 per person which includes the bait and fishing tackle, but you may bring your own gear if you prefer. You get to keep what you catch. You also bring your own food, drinks, hats and warm jackets. The boat leaves from Still Bay harbour early in the morning for a true fisherman feel. Do not miss the unforgettable experience of deep-sea fishing with Andries and Ben.

Fishing Charter Stilbaai

Diepsee-Hengel Stilbaai

Kom doen diepsee-hengel by Stilbaai saam met Andries. Hy ken al die goeie hengelplekke en lees die see soos die vistermanne dit gedoen het voor die dae van, die aanlyn wind- en weervoorspellings en -verslae.

Stilbaai Fishing Charter het twee bote, die Tsitsikama (4+skipper) en die Gremlin (5+skipper). Tussen 26 Desember tot die tweede week in Januarie is albei bote beskikbaar. Albei bote is geregistreer by die SAMSA , so dit voldoen dus aan die veiligheidsregulasies.

Die beste visvangmaande is Oktober tot so April. Vis wat jy moontlik kan vang sluit in vis soos rooi stompneus, geelstert, Kaapse salm, tuna, sowel as kabeljou, stokvis, marlyn en rooi roman. Jy mag dalk ook haaie vang soos skeurtandhaaie, hondhaaie, haringhaaie en sambokhaaie, asook koperhaaie, blouhaai en geelhaaie.

Tans vra hulle R900 per persoon wat die aas en visgerei insluit en jy hou jou vangs. Jy kan ook jou eie visgereedskap bring as jy so verkies. Verder bring jy jou eie kos, drinkgoed, hoed en warm baadjie. Die boot vertrek vroegoggend van die Stilbaaihawe vir ‘n ware vistermanservaring.

Moenie hierdie onvergeetlike ervaring misloop nie!

Onthou ons is die helejaar beskikbaar, skakel nou vir n onvergeetlike ondervinding.


Fishing Charter Stilbaai / Diepsee-hengel Stilbaai

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Andries & Alta Breytenbach (SAMSA Registered  as Fishing Charter)

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Beskikbaar regdeur die hele jaar – Available throughout the year.

  • Fishing Charter Stilbaai- Diepsee Hengel Stilbaai
  • Fishing Charter Stilbaai- Diepsee Hengel Stilbaai
  • Fishing Charter Stilbaai- Diepsee Hengel Stilbaai
  • Fishing Charter Stilbaai- Diepsee Hengel Stilbaai
  • Fishing Charter Stilbaai- Diepsee Hengel Stilbaai