Hog Hollow Horse Trails

Hog Hollow Horse Trails

Hog Hollow Horse Trails

Hog Hollow Horse Trails The Crags, Plettenberg Bay

All about horse related activities such as horse and carriage drives and horseback riding exploring the Tsitsikamma. Along the gorgeous Garden Route in the Western Cape, South Africa. Explore the various attractions and activities in the small, but extremely beautiful area called The Crags. Near Nature’s Valley and Plettenberg Bay.

Hog Hollow Horse Trails offers you fresh eating out lunch as well as wine tasting experiences. Also rides to nearby attractions such as Monkeyland, Birds of Eden and The Crags Elephant Sanctuary. Likewise exciting scenic and picnic out-rides through grassy fields, indigenous fynbos, local vineyards as well as old woodcutters’ forest trails.

These rides are for all age groups and perfect for families, small groups, weddings as well as special occasions. Also for birthday parties, team building events, romantic couples, wine boffins and more.

Horse-drawn Carriage Trails at Hog Hollow Horse Trails

Booking is essential!

They have a vintage 16-seater carriage drawn by two huge Percheron horses. A guide will entertain you with interesting and amusing facts and history of the area, the people as well as the local wine industry. You will, of course, receive local wine and non-alcoholic refreshments during the carriage ride. The carriage is fitted with a canopy for protection against changing weather – of course a very relevant factor in these parts.

Different wine tasting carriage trails are on offer such as one hour Carriage Wine Tasting Trail taking you through the Bramon vineyards. During this excursion you can enjoy the exquisite views as well as a sneak peak at some elephants and two tastings at the tasting centre.

There is also the half-day Carriage Wine Tasting and Lunch Trail taking you through the Crags Wine-lands and offering you two wine tastings as well as a delicious lunch.

Horseback Trails at Hog Hollow Horse Trails

Again – booking is essential!

The horseback trails offer a number of wine tasting and lunch excursions such as full day or half-day trails to two or three of Crags wine estates for wine tasting as well as lunch.

Also horseback rides to nearby attractions where you can choose from Birds of Eden, Monkeyland and Africanyon for Kloofing and Abseiling. Also the Crags Elephant Sanctuary and the Lawnwood Snake Sanctuary. These are followed by a Tappas lunch (snack or finger lunch) at Bramon or a meal at Peppermill Cafe.

Furthermore they offer full day or half day scenic and picnic rides through fields and forests, tea plantations and vineyards to the Kurland Polo Estate. A picnic is available on request on the half-day ride.

There is no better way to truly experience the natural splendour, the smell of fynbos and ferns and the sunshine than from the back of a horse.

Rider and Clothing Information

They supply safety helmets and chaps on arrival. You will be briefly assessed regarding rider competence, receive a horse befitting your size and experience as well as guidance in the basics of horse-riding. The pace of the ride will of course be according to the ability of the riders and experienced guides will accompany you.

You are advised to wear comfortable pants that can stretch such as ski pants and a loose-fitting shirt. Your shoes should be closed and have a firm sole. Remember a warm top or rain jacket, sun block as well as anti-histamine for those allergic to horse hair.

Main Features of Hog Hollow Horse Trails

  • Bookings are essential
  • Open every day of the year
  • Horse trails are suitable for riders of all ages as well as abilities
  • They supply safety helmets as well as chaps
  • MasterCard or Visa accepted
  • Shuttle service (after wine tasting…)
  • Sanctuary for rescue horses such as the huge Percheron horses

Hog Hollow Perdry-Roetes in die Crags, Plettenbergbaai

Ontdek die Tsitsikamma en Crags vanuit ‘n perdekar of vanaf ‘n perd se rug. In die Wes-Kaap op ‘n wondermooie gedeelte van die Tuinroete naby Nature’s Valley en Plettenbergbaai. Hulle bied verskillende opsies vir ritte aan om die omgewing te verken, wyn te proe en ‘n unieke middagete te nuttig. Dit is geskik vir alle ouderdomme, families, klein groepe, troues, verjaarsdagvierings, spanbouaktiwiteite, en so ook wynproewers.

Bespreking is baie belangrik!

Hulle bied uurlange ritte of halfdag ritte per 16 sitplek perdekar aan getrek deur twee massiewe Percheronperde.

Verder bied hulle verskeie korter en langer perdry roetes aan onder begeleiding van gesoute gidse wat jou blootstelling geen aan die pragtige natuur en plaaslike wyne. Hulle verskaf ook veiligheidshelmets aan ruiters.

Daar is geen beter manier om die grootse natuur, unieke reuk van die fynbos en die warm sonskyn te ervaar as van die rug van ‘n perd nie.

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The Crags

Plettenberg Bay


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