Inverroche Distillery


Inverroche Distillery

Inverroche Distillery

Inverroche Distillery Still Bay

They produce a range of diverse spirits, gins, liqueurs and spiced rum incorporating indigenous and fynbos flora unique to the Western Cape, South Africa.

The name ‘Inverroche’ is a conjunction of Gaelic (inver) and French (roche) and means ‘confluence of water and rock’, therefore perfectly describing the environment surrounding the distillery.

Inverroche Distilleerdery Stilbaai

Inverroche is ‘n onafhanklike distilleerdery wat ‘n verskeidenheid jenewers, likeurs en rum stook. Bekende Fynbos Gin vervaardigers in Stilbaai. Die geheim van hulle sukses lê in die gebruik van verskillende skaars inheemse plante soos Fynbos, kruie, bessies, en blomme. Gin proe sessies met afspraak buite seisoen. Rum distilleerders.

Vind hulle net buite Stilbaai aan die mond van die Goukourivier in die Wes-Kaap.

Inverroche Distillery background

Inverroche is an independent distillery which lies on the Southern shores of Africa. Mellow summers and misty winters create the rich Cape Floral Kingdom, as a result a range of exceptional spirits are crafted.

The products are distinguished by the fact that they are small batch, limited volume, hand-crafted products of exceptional quality, due to incorporating a range of rare indigenous flora.

Furthermore indigenous and fynbos flora forms a main feature of all Inverroche gins, liqueurs and spiced rums. The Khoi and San people have used them for centuries as medicinal and edible plants.

Inverroche Distillery tours

Inverroche Distillery is located just outside Still Bay, Western Cape.

Finally they hold several gin tastings and distillery tours daily between 10h00 – 16h00. (Closed on Sundays)

Because Still Bay is a seasonal holiday location,  tasting and distillery tours by appointment only.

Contact details for Inverroche Distillery:

Tel: 028 754 2442

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