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JS Kitchens Stilbaai

JS Kitchens Stilbaai

Carpenters or woodworkers designing and also installing built-in cupboards in Still Bay. These woodworkers also work in Jongensfontein and Riversdale. They have been doing carpentry work since 2000 and thus are experienced designers and installers of built-in cupboards as well as any other woodwork.

JS Kitchens by and large offers specialised services in designing as well as installing kitchen cupboards. As a matter of fact, they know all the latest trends and modern developments in wood-products. Their advice will not only be the most practical, but also the most pleasing to the eye. Always neat and perfectly rounded off, their quality work shows expert craftsmanship coupled with reasonable prices.

Equally important, JS Kitchens advise, design as well as install built-in cupboards in the bedroom, bathroom, home office, garage or anywhere else in the house. They will also build cupboards and install shelves at your business office as well as desks and tables. In short, anything you need made from mostly melamine, but they will also use any other wood of your preference.

Furthermore these carpenters will manufacture special wood-products such as wooden doors, counters and wooden shelves for shops. They can do any woodwork you might need including wooden decks as well as handrails and balustrades. Quality workmanship of course guaranteed.

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