Kunsklasse/Art Classes Ria Holliday GR&KK Arts & Crafts

Kunsklasse/Art Classes

Kunsklasse/Art Classes Ria Holliday GR&KK Arts & Crafts

Kunsklasse/Art Classes in Stilbaai by Artist Ria Holliday 

“Painting is not about observation. Painting is about sensual engagement and a visual conversation that is moving, changing, developing. And in that conversation lies the delight and the magic – our growth.” This is the essence of Ria Holliday’s art classes.

This talented and versatile artist was keen to share her talent and knowledge of art with other people. She stop giving artclasses around 2017. These  classes included drawing techniques as well as watercolour painting techniques and oil painting techniques and more.

Ria Holliday is one of the very talented artists in Still Bay who are creating a variety of art, one of which is pottery. She creates lovely handmade stoneware plates and bowls decorated with her own unique sketches.

She is also a sculptor forming, sculpturing and painting the most beautiful figure sculptures. Pick up one of her sculptures for your home or office at an art exhibition in Still Bay as well as Jongensfontein.

Furthermore she is a painter. She likes to draw and paint faces, flowers, birds as well as landscapes in watercolour paint as well as oil paint. She also loves to express emotion like sadness or joy as well as movement in the pictures that she paints.

Ria Holliday regularly takes part in art exhibitions in Stilbaai and Jongensfontein.

Kunstenares Ria Holliday het tot en met so 2017 nog Kunsklasse/Art Classes aangebied in Stilbaai

Ria Holliday
Ria Holliday
Tel: 028 754 6220
Cell: 084 549 0617
E mail: riaholliday@gmail.com