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Namo Natural Health Stilbaai


The Namo Natural Health Centre in Stilbaai understands that your health is a complex integration of mind and body. They believe in using nature to assist your body’s natural healing process through holistic medicine, exercise, massage therapy and also natural products.

They sell all natural products, holistic and alternative medicine, vegan, gluten as well as dairy free food stuff. Also animal-cruelty-free beauty products and much more. If you are looking for something healthy, and also natural and environmental friendly, Namo has the answer.

In essence, Namo approaches the human wellness as an intricate, natural journey to balance a person’s physical, mental and spiritual needs. This is done through a healthy lifestyle of exercise, good habits as well as natural supplements – all of which is available at Namo. All of their products and also treatments and exercises are based on science with proven medical and mental benefits.

Namo Products and Services.

Stilbaai’s well-known Namo Health Shop is an environmentally aware business. Therefore it prides itself on the fact that its products are cruelty free and environmentally friendly.

They offer a variety of products and services, including:

The Signature Namo Massage Treatment

This treatment combines spinal alignment, reflexology, pressure points and also massaging in order to relieve pain and heal injuries. The treatments are done by professional and qualified practitioners who undergo continuous training. Natural oils are used as the therapists apply pressure to various points in order to soothe sore muscles and relax the body.

30 and 60min bookings can be made with Henk, Petra or Marenscke – Call or Whatsapp 028 754 1654

Namo Health Exercise Sudio

The centre also houses an exercise studio where Stretching, Tai Chi, Yoga as well as Pilates exercise classes are held. These exercises aim to stretch and strengthen the body as well as focus the mind.

Namo Health Products

Namo Health Shop prides itself on its natural and environmental products. They sell organic beauty and hygiene products, healthy snacks and whole foods, natural and herbal medicines and supplements as well as herbal oils, spices and other products. They also sell banting, vegan, gluten free and dairy free natural products.

Health Shop

Stilbaai’s well-known Namo Health Shop is an environmentally aware business. They offer a wide variety of eco-friendly products for your body and home. They are proud to stock locally sourced products as well as well-known international brands. It is a family owned business and now run by the youngest member of the family it has grown immensely with everyone becoming more green-conscious. They also launched their online store where you can find all the products that they offer in store including: Superfoods, Eco Home Products, Organic and Wholefoods, Natural Baking Products, Natural Body, Beauty and Hair products, Alternative Medicine, Exercise Equipment, Toxic-Free Cleaning Products, Spices, Essential Oils, Healthy Snacks, Supplements, Herbal Teas, Vitamins and Minerals. They stock products to support lifestyles including Vegan, Organic, Vegetarian, Gluten Free, Low Carb, Banting, Paleo, Keto, Dukan, Raw and Lactose Free.

The shop is situated in the Village Square, Still Bay West. Visit Namo Health Shop today and let the healing, healthy journey begin.

The shop is situated in the Village Square, Still Bay West. Visit Namo Health Shop today and let the healing, healthy journey begin.

You can also visit their online shop by following the link  –  Namo Natural Health

Their online shop includes famous brand-name products, such as:

  • Medford
  • Oh Lief
  • So Pure
  • Willow
  • Soil
  • Gracious Bakers
  • Coyne
  • Pure Beginnings
  • The Real Thing
  • Mr Organic
  • Pegasus
  • Solgar
  • Phyto Force
  • Simply Bee
  • And much more…

Henk Liebenberg

Duhne Liebenberg

Tel: 028 754 1654


Namo Natuurlike Gesondheidssentrum en winkel verstaan dat jou gesondheid `n komplekse integrasie van liggaam, denke en siel is. Hulle glo in die gebruik van natuurlike produkte om die liggaam se natuurlike gesondheidsproses te begelei en aan te help. Hulle verkoop natuurlike gesondheidsprodukte, alternatiewe medisyne, vegan, melk- en glutenvrye produkte. So ook grimering wat nie op diere getoets is nie sowel as higiëniese produkte. Indien jy iets natuurliks, gesond en omgewingsvriendelik soek, is Namo die plek vir jou!

Hierdie winkel voel dat `n gesonde mens se fisiese, sielkundige en so ook geestelike behoeftes gebalanseerd moet wees. Dit word bereik deur `n gesonde leefstyl, diëet en oefening te volg. Namo kan jou help met elke aspek daarvan. Al hulle produkte, dienste en behandelings is gebaseer op wetenskaplike navorsing en is bewys om fisiese en sielkundige voordele in hou.

Produkte en Dienste

Namo Gesondheidswinkel is omgewingsbewus en spog met die feit dat hulle produkte eko-vriendelik en natuurlik is, en ook nie op diere getoets is nie. Die winkel bied `n verskeidenheid produkte en dienste aan, insluitend:

Unieke Namo Massering

Hierdie behandeling kombineer werwelbelyning, refleksologie, drukpunte en massering om pyn te verlig en beserings te help genees. Die behandeling word deur profesionele terapeute toegedien wat gereeld opvolgende opleiding ontvang. Natuurlike olies word gebruik gedurende die behandeling wat ook help om seer spiere te verlig.

Namo Gesondheidsoefeninge

`n Gesonde liggaam huisves `n gesonde gees. Namo bied ook oefen klasse in Stilbaai aan wat profesionele Joga, Streking, Tai Chi en Pilatus insluit. Hierdie oefeninge versterk die liggaam en strek die spiere.

Namo Gesondheidsprodukte

Namo spog met natuurlike, eko-vriendelike produkte van uitstekende gehalte. Hulle verkoop organiese grimering en skoonheidsprodukte, vegan, gluten- en melkvrye kosse. So ook gesonde peuselhappies, alternatiewe medikasie en produkte gemaak uit verskillende kruie. Geen van hulle produkte word op diere getoets nie en is so ver moontlik 100% natuurlik.

Namo is geleë op die Dorpsplein, Stilbaai Wes, langs Nedbank. Besoek hulle vandag!

Om Namo se aanlyn winkel te besoek, volg hierdie skakel – Namo Natural Health

Henk Liebenberg

Duhne Liebenberg

Tel: 028 754 1654