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Pest Control Excellence – Hessequa, Mossel Bay, George & Garden Route 

Pests are those animals and insects that impacts negatively or in a harmful way on human activities. Pest Control Excellence is a professional pest controlling enterprise that has been in the industry for more than 10 years. Their purpose is to assist in eliminating and preventing general pests issues thus protecting people’s health, food as well as property. Their customers come from both residential as well as commercial sectors. They live and operate by a bold motto: ‘What more do you want, when you can have excellence!’

The operators and supervisors of Pest Control Excellence are registered with the Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries. They have all the necessary certificates of registration in position and are also approved by AgriSETA. (Agricultural Sector Education Training Authority)

They offer free quotations, so do not wait until your pest problem is out of control before you contact the professionals. Their pricing is also reasonable. This pest control company works throughout Hessequa from Witsand in the west, through Heidelberg, Riversdale, Still Bay, Albertinia to Gouritsmond in the east. They also cover Mossel Bay and George and of course all the rural/farm/agricultural areas of this whole region.

Business Sectors Served

They have a solution for any kind of business as well as residential pest problem. Contact them for more specific information about their service.

  • Residential areas.
  • Educational institutions such as schools and hostels.
  • Food and beverage processing.
  • Food service such as restaurants.
  • Governmental properties such as public toilets and parks.
  • Healthcare such as hospitals and clinics.
  • Hospitality such as guest houses and hotels.
  • Office properties such as banks.
  • Pharmaceutical businesses.
  • Retail businesses such as supermarkets.
  • Other industries such as agriculture and forestry.

Pest Control Services in Mossel Bay, George and throughout the Garden Route.

  • Inspections of buildings for the possible existence of hidden pests such as wood borers and termites.
  • Issue pest free certificates to house owners wanting to sell their property
  • Crawling insect pest treatments

    • Fumigation of wood borers and termites damaging wooden structures.
    • Spiders, ants, earwigs and scorpions are not always dangerous, but some species are very creepy and even deadly poisonous.
    • Fleas and ticks mostly come from pets. The bite of a flea is very irritating and ticks can transmit serious diseases such as tick fever.
    • Bedbugs and lice in bedding and upholstery are most difficult to get rid of and can cause serious problems to hotels, hostels, etc.
    • Mites, weevils and tobacco beetles are insects found in stored products and can cause havoc in homes as well as commercial warehouses.
    • Silverfish/fish-moths damaging paper such as books.
  • Flying insect pest treatments

    • Flies breed fast especially during summer and are a serious health risk since they transmit a wide range of diseases such as dysentery, tuberculosis, cholera, etc.
    • Moths such as the clothes moth, brown house moth, white-shouldered house moth and the case bearing clothes moth. It is mostly the larvae that cause damage to materials, textiles and stored products.
    • Mosquitoes not only make us itch, but they also spread disease in humans as well as animals such as malaria.
    • Cockroaches, if untreated, can multiply very quickly and even spread to adjacent properties. For commercial as well as public spaces such as hospitals and restaurants it is especially important to be cockroach free.
  • Rodents like mice and rats bring in pests such as fleas, mites and ticks as well as carry diseases like tuberculosis, E.coli, etc. Thus they are a health risk to both humans and animals. If left untreated, a rodent problem can swiftly become a rodent infestation.
  • Bats are harmless and eat insects, but if they live in the roof or chimney, their droppings and urine can cause a very unpleasant odour. Unfortunately they can also carry diseases such as rabies. Ask the professionals to remove the bats in your barn.
  • Other insects and animals that can become a problem for different reasons, are birds, snakes, bees and wasps. If you experience problems with any of these, Pest Control Excellence will gladly advise you on the best way to get rid of the problem.

Evona Heyns

Cell: 076 064 9763

Pesbeheer – Plaagbeheer in Hessequa, Mosselbaai, George en regdeur die Tuinroete.

Peste is daardie diere of insekte wat skadelik vir die mens is. Pest Control Excellence is ‘n professionele plaagbeheerbesigheid wat al vir meer as 10 jaar in die industrie werksaam is. Hulle personeel en toesighouers is almal geregistreer by die Departement van Landbou, Bosbou en Visserye. Die besigheid het al die nodige registrasies en so ook het hulle die goedkeuring van AgriSETA.

Hulle bied gratis kwotasies en hulle pryse is redelik, so moenie wag tot jou plaagprobleem hande uitruk nie. Hulle werk van Witsand in die weste, deur die hele Hessequagebied tot by Gouritsmond in die ooste. Dit sluit in dorpe soos Heidelberg, Riversdal, Stilbaai, Jongensfontein, Albertinia en ook die landelike gebiede/plase/landbouareas van die streek. So ook werk hulle in George en Mosselbaai en omgewing.

Besigheidsektore Wat Hulle Bedien

Hulle het ‘n oplossing vir alle peste en plae by residensiële eiendomme sowel as besigheidspersele.

  • Opvoedkundige instellings soos koshuise en skole.
  • Kos- en drankvervaardigers.
  • Kosbediening soos restaurante.
  • Openbare parke en toilets wat aan die owerhede behoort.
  • Gesondheidsdienste soos hospitale en klinieke.
  • Kantoorblokke.
  • Farmaseutiese besighede.
  • Kleinhandelbesighede soos supermarkte.
  • Ander industrieë soos boerdery en bosbou, en so meer.

Pesbeheerdienste – Plaagbeheerdienste Aangebied

  • Inspeksie van geboue vir versteekte peste soos houtboorders en termiete.
  • Uitreik van sertifikate aan huiseienaars wat wil verkoop dat die huis pesvry is.
  • Plaagbehandeling vir kruipende insekte soos houtboorders, spinnekoppe, miere, skerpioene, vlooie, miet, kalanders, weeluise, vismotte, en so meer.
  • Pesbehandeling van vlieënde insekte soos vlieë, motte, muskiete, kakkerlakke/kokkerotte, en so meer.
  • Knaagdierbeheer soos rotte en muise.
  • Vlêrmuisbeheer.
  • Ander insekte en diere wat ook probleme kan veroorsaak, is bye, perdebye, slange en so ook voëls. As jy met enige van hierdie probleme sit, kontak hulle gerus vir advies waarmee hulle jou graag sal bedien.

Evona Heyns

Cell: 076 064 9763

Pest Control Excellence - Products and Services