Suid Kaap Pest Control

Suid-Kaap Plaagbeheer

Suid Kaap Pest Control

Suid-Kaap Plaagbeheer

Suid-Kaap Plaagbeheer

Pest controllers in Riversdale, Stilbaai, Jongensfontein and throughout Hessequa for insect infestation like ants, fleas, termites, bed bugs and silver fish. Also cockroaches and beetles as well as rodents like rats and mice.


Southern Cape Pest Control Riversdale, Stilbaai, Jongensfontein Throughout the Hessequa region

Pest control is important because they can spread diseases or cause structural damage or chew electrical wires also in your vehicle.

The pest controllers are professionals and will first of all figure out where pests are entering the building. Then they will deal with any pests already in the home as well as advise whether there is any damage due to pests. If you so wish, they will spray/fumigate regularly to help prevent insect as well as seal off entry points that you don’t have easy access to.

Look out for tell tale signs of pests in your home or business. You might see live cockroaches or their trail of black droppings. Or you might see small moths flying around or small beetles or caterpillars crawling over counter tops which are signs or stored product insect. Beetle inspection and the issuing of beetle certificates.

Signs or rodents are scratching noises, droppings, footprints as well as damage to property as they chew on stuff.
Look out for little holes in dry wood as well as little soil mounds close to foundations as well as inside the building by the skirting. That will be ants or termites. These can destroy building foundations, wooden support beams, swimming pool liners as well as insulation, etc.

In fact they will provide you with a beetle-free certificate when you need one perhaps when you want to sell or buy a property.

Let Suid-Kaap Plaagbeheer stop the pests before they stop you.

Suid Kaap Plaagbeheer

Plaagbestryders in Riversdal vir die beheer van insekbesmetting soos miere, vlooie, termiete, en weeluise. So ook kakkerlakke, besies, sowel as vismotte, bye, perdebye en muskiete. Ook knaagdiere soos muise en rotte. Uitreik van Kewersertifikaate.

Hulle doen gasberoking of behandeling van huise, kantore en sakepersele om insekplae hok te slaan en onder beheer te hou. Verder reik hulle sertifikate uit dat ‘n eiendom kewervry is.

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