Pizza World Albertinia

Pizza World Albertinia

Pizza World Albertinia

For the best Pizzas in Albertinia but also have a large DVD, Movies and Videos rentals department. For all your movie entertainment. Come and rent a videos or Computer game at the best prices in town.

Seriously wanting delicious Pizza in Albertinia? Of course Pizza World with their great variety of pizzas is the answer! They offer fabulous pizza with lots of cheese and the toppings are spread to the edge of the base. In fact, at Pizza World Albertinia you will find traditional pizza, pizza with mega meats toppings, beef and pork, chicken, seafood as well as vegetarian pizza. Moreover you can also order extra toppings.

They also serve a variety of calzones which is a folded pizza baked in the oven. It is made from pizza dough and stuffed with meats, cheeses and vegetables. They fold the dough into a half-moon shape, seal or shape it into a sphere and then either bake or fry it.

Furthermore Pizza World Albertinia has a DVD rental department. So, while you wait for your order, visit their movie section and select a movie or two to watch while devouring the pizza or calzone of your choice. Or select a computer game. Nothing gets better than this!

Pizzawinkel in Albertinia

Vir die beste pizza in Albertinia, kom na Pizza World. Hulle bedien die lekkerste pizza’s met hope kaas en die bo-laag van jou keuse. Jy kan self ekstra bo-laag kry. So maak hulle ook ‘n verskeidenheid van calzones, ‘n oondgebakte gevoude pizza. Jy sal jou vingers afkou.

Terwyl jy wag vir jou bestelling, besoek gerus hulle DVD-afdeling en soek vir jou ‘n fliek of twee om te kyk terwyl jy die pizza of calzone verslind. Of dalk ‘n rekenaar speletjie. Niks beter as dit nie!


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