Puffies Pub & Lounge

Puffies Pub & Lounge – Puffies Bar, Pub & Grill

Looking for night-life entertainment with dance, pool, wine and beer coupled with some live shows in Still Bay in the Western Cape? Puffies Bar, Pub & Grill.  Try Puffies Pub & Lounge  come and enjoy a ice cold lager with the best Pizzas in town. They are simply the best.

On Main Road East, look out for a double storey building with a thatched roof.

Night entertainment

Enjoy a relaxing evening with friends in the bar & grill, with an ice cold beer or two, or likewise in the ladies-bar with a glass of red or white wine.

Probably you would like some action at the pool table or a round of snooker, or you might rather prefer to dance the night away with a very special partner. Enjoy the very famous “Puffies Bar & Grill”, anonymous the place to be after the Stilbaai Touchies every year.

  • Nightlife
  • Dance and Music
  • Entertainment and Bar
  • Pool & Snooker Tables
  • Restaurant, Bar & Grill – Pizzas

Moreover, how about watching a live show while sipping your liquor of choice…

Puffies Kroeg & Kuierplek

Soek jy na naglewe en vermaak, gepaardgaande met dans, potspel of snoeker, wyn en yskoue bier, om nie die vertonings te noem nie? Dan is Puffies Kroeg en Kuierplek jou uithangplek. So kom geniet ‘n drankie in die dameskroeg. Geniet ‘n koue bier, wyn, sterkdrank of gaskoeldrank terwyl jy die beste Pizzas geniet in Stilbaai.

  • Dansplek in Stilbaai
  • Restaurant – Pizzas in Stilbaai
  • Dameskroeg
  • Musiek, Dans en Naglewe in Stilbaai
  • Beste Pizzas in Stilbaai
  • Snoeker Tafels

Puffies Pub & Lounge

Dylan Reynders
Cell: 082 210 4493
102 Main Road East
Stilbaai East

GPS: -34.3640800, 21.4164320