Randall Vervoer – Randall Transport

Randall Vervoer - Randall Transport

Randall Vervoer – Randall Transport – Stilbaai

Transportation company for the removal of rubble and delivery of all kinds of materials with his 3 ton tip truck. Randall Vervoer in Still Bay will remove building rubble and garden refuse. They also deliver sand, crushed stone, cement, building materials and gardening materials, etc. Furthermore they will move goods (including furniture) from one place to another anywhere in the Hessequa and surrounding areas. Their clients include private persons, property owners, other builders, farmers, businesses, municipalities, etc.

Randall is also an experienced registered builder owning a building construction company in Stilbaai called Randall Bouers. He is reliable, honest, friendly, helpful and effective and his prices are affordable. Randall Vervoer works throughout the Garden Route as well as parts of the Klein Karoo and Kannaland covering towns like Ladismith and Swellendam. Also Oudtshoorn, George, Mosselbaai, Albertinia, Heidelberg, Riversdale, Gouritsmond, Still Bay, Jongensfontein, Melkhoutfontein, Slangrivier, etc.

Randall Vervoer – Transportation Services

The company owns a 3 ton tip truck which they utilise for transportation of various loads when not in use at one of their building sites. This way they make optimal use of this asset instead of letting it stand idle.

Removing and Dumping Stuff

  • One of their main functions is to remove building rubble from building sites and transporting it to a dumping site.
  • Since they have a team of builders, they can demolish or knock down walls for you as well as remove the rubble. This way you do not have to find and pay someone else to pull down the wall, and then pay another to remove the rubble. They complete the job swiftly and efficiently and at an unbeatable price.
  • They also remove garden refuse, e.g. after having pruned those trees that got out of hand during summer.
  • You might have cleaned out the garage as well as the whole yard and sit with lots of rubbish and waste. Let them remove it and transport it to the dumping site.
  • Sometimes even the municipality experiences problems with their garbage trucks. Randall Transport is more than willing to help out by picking up those black bags all over town.

These are only some of the jobs they can do for you. The possibilities are endless.

Delivering Materials and Goods

  • A major job for their tip truck is transporting and delivering loose materials such as sand and crushed stone which can slide off the truck when tipped to unload.
  • They can also deliver building materials such as bags of cement, bricks, tiles, paving stones, timber, cut stone blocks for cladding, etc.
  • Serious gardeners, nurseries and farmers can use their services to deliver bulk gardening materials such as bags of compost, potting soil and fertiliser. Also large pots, concrete support blocks, potted trees, blocks of grass, plants, etc.
  • Any bulky or heavy kind of cargo that needs to be shipped to shops or farm stalls, e.g. bags of merchandise or stock like potatoes and other foodstuffs.

Moving Goods and Furniture

  • Randall Transport will also move or transport your belongings or goods (and even furniture) from one location to another.

Why waste more time? Pick up that phone and call him now!

Randall Michaels

Cell: 072 805 8722

Randall Vervoer in Stilbaai

Vervoerbesigheid vir die verwydering of aflewering van verskillende tipes materiaal met hulle 3 ton wiptrok. Hulle vervoer tipies vragte sand, klip, bourommel, en so ook tuinvullis, maar hulle sal egter enigiets binne perke vervoer. Hulle kliënte sluit in privaat persone, eienaars van eiendom, bouers, boere, besighede, munisipaliteite, en so meer.

Randall is ook ‘n geregistreerde bouer met ‘n konstruksiebesigheid genaamd Randall Bouers. Hy is betroubaar, eerlik, vriendelik, hulpvaardig en effektief en sy pryse bekostigbaar. Hulle werk deur die hele Tuinroete en aanliggende gebiede selfs so ver as Ladismith, Swellendam, Oudtshoorn, George en Mosselbaai.


Die besigheid besit ‘n 3 ton tiplorrie wat gebruik word vir transportdoeleindes wanneer dit nie op ‘n bouperseel benodig word nie. So verseker hulle optimale gebruik van hierdie voertuig.

Verwydering van goed

  • Hulle verwyder bourommel van boupersele en neem dit na die stortingsterrein.
  • Hy het ‘n bouspan, dus kan hulle ‘n muur vir jou afbreek en sommer ook die rommel verwyder. So, dit sal jou goedkoper uitwerk as om iemand te betaal vir die platslaanwerk, en ‘n ander vir die wegry van die rommel.
  • Verder verwyder hulle ook tuinvullis.
  • As jy garage en erf skoongemaak het, sal hulle ook daardie vullis vir jou verwyder.
  • Selfs die munisipaliteit kan van hulle diens gebruik maak wanneer daar probleme is met hulle eie vuilgoedlorries.

Aflewering van goed

  • Hulle lewer meestal los materiaal soos vragte sand en gruis af met die wiplorrie omdat dit so maklik afgly wanneer die bak opgelig word.
  • Verder kan hulle boumateriaal soos sakke sement, bakstene, teëls, hout, plaveistene, gekapte klip vir bedekking en so meer aflewer.
  • Ernstige tuinmakers, kwekerye en selfs boere kan hulle gebruik om tuinmaakgoed af te lewer soos sakke of los vragte kompos. So ook potgrond, bemestingstowwe, groot potte, konkreet stutblokke, bome in potte, blokke gras, en so meer.
  • Enige groot of swaar vragte winkelvoorraad wat vervoer moet word na kleiner winkels en plaaswinkels.

Verskuiwing van goed

  • Randall Vervoer sal ook jou besittings en goedere (selfs meubels) vir jou verskuif van een plek na ‘n ander.

Moenie nog wonder of hy kan help nie – tel op daai foon en vra hom!

Randall Michaels

Cell: 072 805 8722