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Southern Right Whale Hiking Trail Still Bay – Noorkapper Staproete Stilbaai

Noorkapper Hiking Trail

Noorkapper Trail – Noorkapper Staproete

Noorkapper Trail - Noorkapper Staproete

Map by Deon Begemann


Southern Right Whale Hiking Trail – Noorkapper Staproete between Jongensfontein and Stilbaai

One of various popular hiking routes around Stilbaai, is the Southern Right Whale Hiking trail between Still Bay and Jongensfontein. Beautiful coastal villages in the Western Cape along the famous Garden Route. Also known as the Noorkapper Walk, Southern Right Whale Route or Noorkapper Hiking Trail. Still Bay and Jongensfontein are popular holiday destinations of course offering many water-sport activities as well as a variety of other attractions. The trail is open-ended and can be started from either side. Some hikers prefer to walk only a distance from one of the starting points, and then turn back to where they started. (Or parked their vehicle…)

Southern Right Whale Hiking Trail Still Bay – Noorkapper Staproete Stilbaai Information

Under the auspices of the Still Bay Conservation Trust.

Starting point – Morris Point, Still Bay (34.392268 S 21.428060 E) OR Jongensfontein Caravan Park (34.426273 S 21.338381 E)

Parking, as well as toilets are available at both these points.

Ending point – Jongensfontein Caravan Park (34.426273 S 21.338381 E) OR Morris Point, Still Bay (34.392268 S 21.428060 E)

Distance – 11.2 km

Time to Complete – About 4 hours

Rating – Moderate

Useful Advice/Information – Best to wear good walking shoes, a hat as well as sunblock and of course your camera, enough water and snacks. At some places the trail is quite rocky or the sand is rough because of small sharp shards of broken shells. Therefore it would be advisable to wear running/hiking shoes.

Important though – make sure that you walk this trail when the tide is low, because walking along the beach can be dangerous in some places when the tide is high.

Permits – No permits or fees. More information about the hike may be obtained form the Stilbaai Tourism office. Contact number: (028) 754 2602.

Regulations – Where applicable, regulations are displayed at entrance points. General rules with reference to nature conservation as well as consideration towards other hikers are applicable to all hiking routes. Please do not litter.

Features – Along the Southern Right Whale Route hikers can enjoy the wild flowers on the dunes, the birds as well as picking up shells which are still intact. You can admire the ancient Khoi-Khoi shell middens as well as their ingenious fish traps, and even some caves they used to live in. If you hike during the whaling season (June to October) you might even see some southern right whales playing in the swells. You will also see the Jongensgat cave, a rocky section on the private Jongensgat Nature Reserve.

The Trail – The Southern Right Whale Hiking Trail Still Bay begins at Morris Point in Still Bay and ends at the caravan park in Jongensfontein, or the other way round. Of course you can at any time turn around and walk back towards your starting point. Starting from the Still Bay end, the trail passes Skulpiesbaai, the ancient fish traps, Noorkapper Point as well as the oil borehole of Van As. Also a place called Skulpiesgat (Shell hole), Parson se gat (Parson’s hole) Geelbaai, Knikkerdraai and Jurie se huisie (Jurie’s little house). Likewise you will pass Masterstoksand, the caves, the small finger, the little table and finally Jongensfontein caravan park.

Definitely a trail worth hiking from beginning to end, whichever way you decide to start walking.

Stilbaai Noorkapper Staproete

Onder die beskerming van die Stilbaai Bewaringstrust.

Die Noorkapper Staproete begin by Morrispunt, Stilbaai en eindig by die karavaanpark in Jongensfontein, of anderom, as jy so verkies. Daar is parkeerplek en so ook toilets by elke punt. Die roete is 11.2 km, neem so 4 ure om te voltooi en word as matig beskryf.

Trek gemaklike stapskoene aan vir die rotse en growwe sand op plekke, neem ‘n hoed, sonblok en so ook jou kamera, genoeg water en eetgoed. Baie belangrik: die roete is al met die kus langs en is gevaarlik op plekke tydens hoogwater. So, maak dus seker dat jy tydens laagwater stap. Jy het nie ‘n permit nodig nie en algemene regulasies geld hier ook, soos konsiderasie vir ander stappers, en so ook ‘n versoek dat jy asseblief nie rommel strooi nie.

Jy gaan veldblomme sien, so ook voëls, die ou visvywers en skulpafvalhope van die Strandlopers, grotte en dalk ook walvisse. As jy van skulpe hou, kan jy dalk ‘n paar mooies optel en saamdra. Op die pad van Morrispunt se kant af, gaan jy verby Skulpiesbaai, die visvywers, Noorkapperspunt en so ook Van As se olieboorgat. Verder gaan jy verby die Skulpiesgat, Parson se gat, Geeldraai, Knikkerdraai, Jurie se huisie en Masterstok. So ook grotte, die vingertjie, die tafeltjie en laastens, die karavaanpark in Jongensfontein.

Dis nou ‘n staproete wat die moeite werd is om aantepak.