Stilbaai Electric & Solar Suppliers

Stilbaai Electric & Solar Suppliers

Stilbaai Electric & Solar Suppliers

Supplies all solar system installation equipment as well as electrical wiring and lighting installation equipment and fittings. Stilbaai Electric & Solar undertakes neither solar, nor electrical installations. As a wholesaler and retailer they simply supply the necessary products. Should you need any electrical product or fitting that is not on their shelves, they will order it from their suppliers. Of course they handle such orders as urgently as humanly possible.

To start with, this shop sells all components and fittings to install a complete solar system. For the sake of clarity it needs to be mentioned that this shop does not sell any electrical appliances. They only sell electrical installation products such as wiring and wiring accessories as well as lights and light fittings. Also all items and components associated with the distribution board as well as power socket outlets and accessories.

Where in Still Bay is This Shop?

You will find this neat, clean as well as uncluttered shop in the Village Square between Namo and Nedbank in Stilbaai. The staff is friendly and helpful and even offers to help you with items in an after-hours emergency. Talk to them about your needs, they know their solar and electricity stuff.

Still Bay is one of the most beautiful and popular coastal towns in the Western Cape Province. This growing town sprawls along both western and eastern sides of the Goukou River estuary in Hessequa. The Hessequa area in turn, forms part of the notoriously beautiful Garden Route with its unique indigenous fynbos flora.

Stilbaai Electric & Solar is passionate about saving electricity and using green energy. To prove their point and lead by example, they make use of solar power in the shop.

Solar System Installation Products at Stilbaai Electric & Solar

For all your solar system installation components, equipment, fittings as well as accessories, visit Stilbaai Electric & Solar.

Camping Solar Panels at Stilbaai Elec and Solar in Hessequa

Some of Their Solar Installation Products:

  • Solar panels – these panels are of course the key elements of a solar system.
  • Solar racking, mounting brackets or frames – they do not mount the panels directly on the roof, but actually on racking. When they mount the panels, they angle them to best capture the energy from the sun.
  • Solar inverter – converts DC (direct current) from the solar panels to AC (alternating current) for home use.
  • Performance monitoring and control system – in short, it shows you how the system is performing.
  • Lithium batteries – the batteries of course store the harvested energy for use at a later stage.
  • Charge controller or charge regulator – in essence it regulates the voltage and current coming from the panels to safeguard the batteries from overcharging.
  • Other accessories such as wiring, fittings, fuses as well as charge over breakers, bolts, clamps, roof anchors, conduit and saddles, etc.

Electrical Installation Products at Stilbaai Electric & Solar

Lighting and Light Fittings in Stilbaai

They are very much into power/energy saving therefore they offer a range of energy saving globes. Also LED (light-emitting diode) light bulbs for indoor and outdoor use.

So, for all your energy saving and LED lighting needs, visit Stilbaai Electric & Solar.

Some of Their Energy Saving Lighting Products

  • The O-lite range of warm white as well as white LED light bulbs or globes in different shapes and sizes. A modern and stylish way to save energy.
  • LED conversion kits for use in emergency luminaries.
  • Range of LED down lights as well as
  • LED candle lights.
  • Also a range of LED flood lights with PIR sensors (passive infra-red sensor). These security lights detect light and darkness, or night and day, as well as motion.
  • LED module lights coming in different shapes and sizes. Triangular, circular, strips with groups of three lights, blocks with four lights grouped together – thus creating endless stunning possibilities.
  • T8 LED glass tubes with 4′ and 5′ brackets to replace T8 fluorescent lamps. Not only do they save energy, but they are mercury free as well.
  • Of course they also supply the LED fixed luminaire, or lighting unit – the casing housing and activating the glass light tube.
  • Solar powered LED interaction wall lamps with motion sensor for outside use. You activate the light as you walk past it.

Wiring and Accessories in Stilbaai

For all your house wiring needs, visit Stilbaai Electric & Solar.

Some of Their Wiring and Accessories Products:

Surge Protectors at Stilbaai Elec and Solar in Hessequa

  • First of all, their electric wire and cable products comply with SABS standards as well as the ISO 9001 quality management system.
  • GP (general purpose) red house wire – 1.5 as well as 2.5.
  • Surfix or Norsk cable, or ‘twin and earth’. This type of cable is flat and insulated with PVC. It is installed directly on the surface instead of hidden inside walls or conduit. Surfix is also neat and municipalities approve the use of this cable.
  • PVC conduit pipe – of course for protecting electrical wires or cables and it comes in 20 mm and 25 mm sizes.
  • Various accessories such as insulation tape, Rawl bolts, Tek screws (self-drilling), etc.
  • Cable securing and jointing wiring accessories such as cable ties, cable lugs (clamps and connectors), as well as glands. Also ferrules, saddles for securing conduit, cable clips and DIN rail terminals for extending or mending electrical cord or cable.

DB Box and Accessories in Stilbaai

The DB or distribution board distributes the electrical supply in the house or building.

  • Electrical and solar waterproof DB box enclosures for protection of DB boxes indoor as well as outdoor – 8 ways and 12 ways. These enclosures of course protects electrical or electronic equipment and prevent electric shock.
  • Breaker panels.
  • Accessories such as isolators, circuit breakers, fuses, switches as well as contact breakers and more.

Socket Outlets and Wall Switches in Stilbaai

  • High quality, functional design as well as value for money Onesto Trinity wiring accessories range:
    • Wall switches – 2×4 one to 4 level as well as 4×4 6 level switching combinations.
    • Combination wall power socket outlets – 2×4 and also 4×4, including ZA (South African) and USB combinations.
  • Electrical outlet wall boxes 2×2 and also 4×4.
  • Matrix Wiring Systems

Other Miscellaneous Items

  • Hot water cylinder or geyser elements,
  • As well as geyser thermostats.
  • Electric fence fault finders.
  • Various plugs, adapters, extension leads, etc.

Business Hours

Monday to Friday: 08:00 – 17:00
Saturday: 08:00 – 13:00
Sunday: Closed

For Emergency after-hours assistance with products – call Reynard.


Cell: 076 012 7431

Elektriese- en Sonkragstelsel Installeringsbenodigdhede in Stilbaai

Besoek Stilbaai Electric & Solar op die Dorpsplein langs Namo vir al jou benodigdhede vir elektriese installasies. So ook alles wat jy mag benodig vir die installering van ‘n sonkragstelsel. Sou jy iets soek wat hulle nie op die rak het nie, sal hulle dit so gou moontlik vir jou kry.

Hierdie mense doen geen installasies nie, hulle verskaf slegs die produkte. Hulle verkoop ook slegs aan wettige installeerders.

Verder is hulle passievol oor besparing van energie en elektrisiteit en so ook die gebruik van groen energie. So, om te wys dat hulle ernstig voel oor hierdie saak, stel hulle die voorbeeld deur in die winkel van sonkrag gebruik te maak.

Besoek gerus hierdie gawe toevoeging tot besighede in Stilbaai.

Sonkraginstallasie Produkte by Stilbaai Electric & Solar

  • Sonpanele – die sleutelelement van die sonkragstelsel.
  • Rakke of rame – waarop die panele gemonteer word, so gedraai dat dit die maksimum son opvang.
  • Omskakelaar – dit skakel die direkte stroom van die panele na wisselstroom wat in huise gebruik word.
  • Beheerstelsel – so kan jy die werkverrigting van die stelsel dophou en bestuur.
  • Lithium batterye – natuurlik vir die stoor van die energie wat die panele opvang.
  • Laaireguleerder – dit maak seker dat die batterye nie oorlaai word nie.
  • Alle ander benodigdhede soos drade, stroombrekers, geleierbuise en so meer.

Elektriese Installasie Produkte by Stilbaai Electric & Solar

  • Beligtingsprodukte – die O-lite-reeks LED ligte, kersligte, vloedligte, moduleligte, LED buisligte en so meer.
  • Bedradingsprodukte – GP rooi draad, surfix, PVC geleierbuise, bybehore om kabels te verbind of veilig te maak, en so meer. Voldoen aan SABS standaarde.
  • Verdeelbordkassies en Toebehore – al die benodigdhede vir die verdeelbord en ook so ‘n waterdigte kassie vir gebruik binne en buite die huis.
  • Kontak- of Steeksokke en Muurskakelaars – hulle hou die Oresto Trinity bedradingsbybehore reeks, onder andere so ‘n handige ZA-sok en USB-sok kombinasie.

Allerlei Ander Items

  • Elemente vir geisers.
  • So ook termostate vir geisers.
  • Apparaat om foute op elektriese heinings op te spoor.
  • Allerlei proppe, verlengingskoord, aftakkers en so meer.

Vir noodbenodighede na-ure, bel vir Reynard.


Cell: 076 012 7431