Triple G Home Appliance Repairs

Triple G Home Appliance Repairs

Triple G Home Appliance Repairs – Stilbaai

Expecting guests and the stove or microwave is broken? It’s raining incessantly and the tumble dryer stopped working? Sidestep that panic mode – rather call Triple G quickly to identify and fix the fault on the appliance. They understand how much you rely on your electric appliances to survive the daily demands of a busy household.

About Triple G

Triple G is a Household Appliance Repairs Company located in Stilbaai West but also works in Jongensfontein, Melkhoutfontein and immediate surrounding areas. They have more than a decade’s experience in repairs relating to electrical household appliances.

  • They work on any make or brand such as LG, Bosch, Samsung, Speed Queen, Whirlpool, Defy, Kelvinator, etc.
  • Their prices are reasonable as well as affordable.
  • They understand your frustration and inconvenience when a crucial appliance is out of order, therefore they try to help as fast as possible.

How Do They Operate?

  • You can either bring your faulty electric appliance to the Triple G workshop for assessment, or else you can phone Triple G.
  • Either way, once they have identified the problem, as well as checked the availability of new parts, they will give you a quote. This quote will, of course, include the cost of the parts as well as labour.
  • Keep in mind, though, that the repair of an appliance depends directly on the availability of new parts which is not always a given.
  • If Triple G comes to your house they:
    • Firstly identify the problem and discuss the repair costs with you.
    • Secondly, with your consent and also if possible, they fix the fault on the appliance at your place straightaway.
    • Thirdly, should the appliance need a new part, they take it to the workshop. There it stays until the new part arrives and can be installed.
    • Once they have installed the new part, they test the appliance before bringing it back to your house.

Call Out-Fee

As is customary, Triple G charges a call-out fee for the repairman to attend to your problem at your house.

Payment Methods

You can either make a cash payment to Triple G, or you can make an online payment (EFT).

Home Appliances Triple G Generally Repairs

Call Triple G if you encounter problems such as those mentioned below.

Kitchen Appliance Repairs in Stilbaai

  • Refrigerator/Fridge – The fridge suddenly stopped working; or it is on, but it stays warm; maybe the fridge leaks; or it is very noisy; or it trips the power all the time, etc.
  • Deep Freezer/Freezer – Maybe the freezer is not running even though it is plugged in and switched on; or there is ice inside the freezer or a layer of ice on the bottom; perhaps it makes a loud noise; or the freezer isn’t cold enough; or maybe it trips the power, etc.
  • Electric Stoves – The stove is probably the most vital appliance in the kitchen. Although the power is on, the stove does not work; maybe a plate does not heat up, or stays on one temperature; perhaps there are sparks when you switch it on; or it trips out the power, etc.
  • Electric Ovens – Maybe the oven does not heat up, or does not reach the set temperature; perhaps the food does not bake evenly; or the door doesn’t want to close, etc.
  • Microwaves – You never realise how dependent you are on your microwave until it suddenly stops working; or stops cooking in the middle of a programme; perhaps the glass plate is not turning, or it produces sparks; or maybe the light inside is not working or it keeps tripping out the power, etc.
  • Dishwashers – The water won’t drain or the dishes don’t dry; perhaps it wouldn’t wash, or doesn’t wash properly; maybe it doesn’t complete the wash cycle or the water stays cold; or water leaks out or perhaps it trips out the power, etc.

Laundry Appliance Repairs in Stilbaai

  • Washing Machines – No matter if it is a front loader, twin tub or top loader, if it’s not working it is a disaster. Your problem might be that it jumps around or make a funny loud noise; or it wouldn’t drain the water or wouldn’t spin; maybe it wouldn’t work at all; perhaps it just stops in the middle of a wash cycle, or trips out the power; etc.
  • Tumble Dryers – It is wet outside and the tumble dryer stopped working altogether; or it works, but stays cold; perhaps it stops in the middle of a programme; maybe it trips out the power, or is on, but wouldn’t turn, etc.

Appliances Providing Comfort and Convenience

  • Air Conditioners – The air conditioner leaks water inside or outside the house; or maybe it leaks ac refrigerant; or, despite that all doors and windows are closed, it stays on one temperature which probably is a faulty thermostat; perhaps it cuts out frequently, trips the power or makes a lot of noise, etc.

Call Triple G today to put an end to your needless misery and frustration!

George Sabbagha

Cell: 083 650 7430

Herstel van Huishoudelike Toestelle – Stilbaai

Triple G is ‘n besigheid in Stilbaai wat foutiewe huishoudelike elektriese apparate herstel. Hulle werk in Stilbaai en so ook Jongensfontein, Melkhoutfontein en omringende omgewing. Met meer as ‘n dekade ondervinding, sal hulle jou gebreekte toestel in ‘n japtrap so goed soos nuut maak.

  • Hulle werk op enige maak soos LG, Bosch, Samsung, Speed Queen, Defy, Whirlpool, Kelvinator en so meer.
  • Verder is hulle pryse billik en so ook bekostigbaar.
  • Natuurlik verstaan hulle jou frustrasie en ongerief as ‘n noodsaaklike toestel buite werking is, so hulle probeer help so gou as moontlik.

Hoe Werk Triple G?

  • Jy kan jou stukkende toestel na die Triple G werkswinkel neem, of so nie, kan jy hulle bel.
  • Sodra hulle die probleem geїdentifiseer het en vasgestel het of hulle die onderdele het, gee hulle jou ‘n kwotasie. So ‘n kwotasie sluit die koste van die onderdele asook die arbeid in.
  • Die herstel van jou toestel hang natuurlik direk af van die beskikbaarheid van onderdele, wat soms nie die geval is nie.
  • As Triple G uitkom na jou huis, gebeur die volgende:
    • Hulle identifiseer die probleem en bespreek dan die herstelkoste met jou.
    • As jy tevrede is, en dis moontik, doen hulle die herstelwerk sommer daar by jou huis.
    • So nie, neem hulle die toestel na die werkswinkel waar hulle natuurlik die nodige onderdeel bestel.
    • Wanneer die onderdeel beskikbaar is, vervang hulle die stukkende een waarna hulle die toestel toets. As hulle tevrede is, bring hulle jou toestel terug na jou huis.


Soos dit die algemene gebruik is, vra Triple G ook ‘n uitroepfooi om na jou huis te kom en na jou probleem om te sien.


Jy kan kontant betaal of so nie, kan jy ‘n aanlynbetaling (EFT) doen.

Huishoudelike Toestelle wat Triple G Gereeld Herstel

Skakel Triple G as jy probleme met jou toestelle ondervind soos dié hieronder genoem.

Herstel van Elektriese Kombuistoestelle in Stilbaai

  • Yskaste – Die yskas word nie koud nie, of dit het skielik opgehou werk, dit lek, dis baie raserig of die yskas skop die krag uit, en so meer.
  • Vrieskaste – Al is die kas aangeskakel, wil dit nie werk nie, of daar is ys in die kas, of dit maak miskien ‘n geraas. Dit word nie koud genoeg nie of dit skop die krag uit, en so meer.
  • Elektriese stowe – Die onontbeerlike stoof wil nie werk nie, of een plaat word nie warm nie. Daar is vonke as dit aangeskakel word, of dit skop sommer die krag uit, en so meer.
  • Elektriese oonde – Die oond wil nie warm word nie, die kos bak nie eweredig nie, die deur wil nie toemaak nie, en so meer.
  • Mikrogolfoonde – Dalk werk die mikrogolf skielik nie, of dit hou in die middel van ‘n program op, of die glasplaat draai nie. Miskien maak dit vonke of skop dit die krag uit, en so meer.
  • Skottelgoedwassers – Die water van die skottelgoedwasser dreineer nie, dit wil nie was nie, of dit was glad nie skoon nie. Miskien word die water nie warm nie, of dit lek uit, of dit skop die krag uit, en so meer.

Herstel van Wasgoedtoestelle in Stilbaai

  • Wasmasjiene – As jou wasmasjien nie werk nie, is dit nag. Dit spring miskien rond, of maak ‘n harde geraas, of wil nie die water dreineer nie. Miskien wil dit nie spin nie, of stop in die middel van ‘n programsiklus of skop die krag uit, en so meer.
  • Tuimeldroërs – Die droër werk glad nie, of dit word nie warm nie, of wil nie draai nie. Of miskien stop dit in die middel van ‘n program of skop die krag uit, en so meer.

Toestelle vir Gerief en Gemak

  • Lugversorgers – Die lugversorger lek water binne en buite die huis of dit lek verkoeler, of dit bly op een temperatuur. Miskien sny dit heeltyd uit, of dit maak ‘n klomp geraas of skop die krag aanhoudend uit, en so meer.

Bel Triple G vandag en maak ‘n einde aan jou onnodige ellende en frustrasie!

George Sabbagha

Cell: 083 650 7430