Veda Voysey

Veda Voysey – Bookworm

Veda Voysey

Veda Voysey – Bookworm

Artist and owner of Bookworm Bookshop in Still Bay, Veda Voysey:

‘My husband and I came to Still Bay in 2000 where we had a busy, happy coffee shop in the Fynbos Centre. In 2009 we took over Bookworm Bookshop from a friend. This has been probably the happiest time of our lives. Since I lost my husband Clayton to cancer last October 2018 I have found that my bookshop and lovely customers carry me through the days.

I have never considered myself to be an artist, but rather someone who gets joy out of expressing myself in pencil, water colour and sometimes oils. Water colour has that perfect flow, translucence and unpredictably I need. You never know what it’s going to do so its always a surprise. To me it’s about the colours and shapes and I mostly ignore the rules of perspective and all those other boring do’s and don’ts in the art manuals.

Inspiration hits me totally out of the blue so I have this messy table in the corner of my shop where I can splash a bit of paint about and clear my head. It’s exactly like meditation to me.’

Where to Find Veda Voysey’s Paintings

Don’t be fooled by the humility of this gifted lady. Veda’s paintings have an irresistible charm about them and once you notice them, you keep on looking for more. This is probably because Veda paints from the heart, without worrying about any rules dictating art. She paints when she has the urge and paints for the sheer joy of changing a blank piece of paper into a delightful picture. Visit the Bookworm Bookshop in Still Bay and meet this very interesting, but deeply humble free spirit. Peruse her unframed paintings of various shapes and sizes, but be warned, there is something beguiling about them.

She also paints pretty little pictures on small pieces of paper which she uses to create blank greeting cards. These cards, each of course a ‘Veda Original’, are also on offer in her used-books shop, the Bookworm.

Please note that Bookworm Bookshop does not have credit card facilities, consequently it operates in cash only.

Veda Voysey, Kunstenares en Eienares van Bookworm Bookshop in Stilbaai

Veda Voysey sien haarself nie eintlik as ‘n kunstenares nie, maar eerder as iemand wat sielsuiting vind in die gebruik van potlode, waterverf en so ook somtyds olieverf. Sy steur haar ook nie aan die moets en moenies van kunshandboeke nie. Vir haar gaan dit oor die kleure en vorms en sy gebruik ook die graagste waterverf as medium. Skilder is vir haar soos meditasie.

Moet jou egter nie laat mislei deur haar nederigheid nie. Haar skilderye het elkeen sy eie bekoring wat jou so aangryp, jy kan nie ophou kyk nie. Jy sal haar en haar skilderwerk in die Bookworm Bookshop vind waar sy dit net so ongeraam uitstal.

So skilder sy ook die aangrypendste klein prentjies waarvan sy blanko groetekaartjies maak. Hierdie kaartjies is ook beskikbaar by die boekwinkel. Kom ontmoet hierdie baie interessante begaafde vrou en kry so vir jouself ook ‘n oorspronklike Veda-skildery.
Neem asb. net kennis dat die Bookworm geen kaartfasiliteite het nie, so sy handel net in kontant.


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