White Shark Parasailing Mossel Bay

White Shark Parasailing Mossel Bay

White Shark Parasailing Mossel Bay

White Shark Parasailing Mossel Bay

All Adrenaline Junkies – how about parasailing while spotting the great white in the ocean below! Of course no swimming with the sharks – parasailing flights start as well as end on the boat. Experience the excitement and thrill of soaring along the coastline while watching the seals and sharks. Guaranteed to be one of the most exhilarating as well as adrenaline filled activities of your life.

Of course parasailing or para-kiting means gliding through the air wearing an open parachute while being towed by a motor boat. The most fun you can have looking at Mossel Bay while hanging in the parachute.

White Shark Parasailing is the South Africa’s oldest and only coastal parasailing operation. They started up in 2008 and hold a 100% safety record for the past 10 years. This is because of their professionalism as well as the high quality of the boats and their maintenance. Statistics show a 90% chance to spot a great white shark during a parasailing adventure. This company provides a friendly, safe as well as fun introduction to the thrilling art of shark watching by parasailing. The pilot or skipper of the boat is of course highly experienced and professional.

The White Shark Parasailing Trip

The name of the boat used for this parasailing trip, is the Senorita – a luxury custom built boat. The trip lasts about 2 hours and will take up to 10 people from the Mossel Bay harbour waterfront jetty to the shark alley where the great white sharks normally dwell.

They also use the Senorita for romantic sunset cruises between the Point and Seal Island. Be sure and book such a cruise during your holiday.

White Shark Parasailing is at the Mossel Bay Harbour Waterfront Jetty in the Western Cape Province of South Africa. Adrenaline junkies, come and experience the thrill and excitement of parasailing, but take care, this might become addictive.

This adrenaline filled activity is one of the main attractions in Mossel Bay for someone looking for exiting things to do.

Valskermseil vir Adrenalienverslaafdes in Mosselbaai

Bekyk die witdoodhaai en robbe uit die lug vanuit ‘n valskerm gesleep deur die Senorita en voel hoe die adrenalien jou bloed laat tintel. Die White Shark Parasailing-besigheid het ‘n 10 jaar 100% veiligheidsrekord as gevolg van hulle professionalisme, hoë gehalte bote en goeie instandhouding van die bote. So ook die feit dat die skipper baie ervare en professioneel is.

Hulle bied ‘n twee-uurlange valskermseilrit vir tot 10 persone op ‘n slag aan vanaf die Mosselbaai Hawe se waterfront-jettie na die gebied waar die haaie hou en weer terug. Jy staan ‘n baie groot kans om ‘n witdoodhaai uit die lug te sien.


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