Your Excellence Agent

Your Excellence Agent

Excellence is the quality of being outstanding or extremely good and this is precisely what Elsa Cronje wants your business to be. To make this possible a business leader in essence needs to employ excellent people. This in turn means having the ability to choose the correct person with the right skills and character traits for the position.

Professionally qualified and experienced Elsa offers a service designed to assist businesses with aspects such as staff turnover, loyalty as well as job satisfaction and procedure implementation. Her service provides tested and proven character analysis in order to find the perfect candidate and thus the most suitable employee.

Your Excellence Agent will help you develop your business in the following areas:


With regards to employing excellence she offers services such as advertisement, processing applications as well as interviewing. Also an international professional values, personality, skills and interest assessment that will assist employers to be certain about employing excellence.

Enhancing Employees

This service is designed to assist businesses with regards to their employees in two ways. Firstly, Your Excellence Agent offers tailor made courses, workshops as well as hour sessions on aspects such as self-worth, loyalty and productivity. Also self-motivation, people/communication skills, conflict management, work environment as well as spiritual growth and initiative.

Secondly she offers private sessions to release traumatic events that prevent the employee to perform well or any private matter that needs to be solved.

Structuring your Business

In structuring your business for excellence, Elsa offers evaluating the roles in the business using The Career Direct Occupational Decision Making Assessment. Furthermore she will work on preventing wasting energy and evaluating positions. Also ensuring an effective team and assist with business decisions on other matters. She will also evaluate your website content to make sure it completely fits your company’s brand identity.

Development for Business Leaders

The time to manage and control people is in fact over. The only way is to lead, inspire and also motivate them.

Your Excellence Agent offers you the course, The Thriving Trees, to enhance your leadership as well as communication and people skills. This is a 6 month or 1 year course on leading your business to the top. Which will teach you how to lead your employees with self-confidence. The duration of the course is 36 hours.

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