Albertinia Ingenieurswerke

Albertinia Ingenieurswerke & Staalstrukture

Albertinia Ingenieurswerke & Staalstrukture / Albertinia Engineering Works & Steel Structures

Industrial and Commercial Engineering Services offered in the Western Cape, South Africa. Albertinia Ingenieurswerke has the know-how as well as the necessary equipment to manufacture implements to streamline industrial processes. They also use their knowledge for for-profit business projects ranging in size and complexity. They specialise in the production of agricultural implements as well as large steel structures.

Albertinia Ingenieurswerke / Engineering Works

In the neat workshop of Albertinia Engineering Works they are equipped with all the tools and machines necessary to produce their agricultural implements. Machining processes such as hobbing, broaching, milling and grinding is used for gear cutting. They have access to milling machines to shape solid metal products, lathes for turning, drill presses as well as welding and sandblasting equipment. Most importantly, they have the skills to use all these tools and machinery to fabricate any piece of metal equipment you might need.

In the creation of machines, parts, or structures from various raw materials, metal fabrication processes are involved. These processes include cutting, bending and welding. A vital part of their job is the bending of steel into V-shape, U-shape or channel shape. In light of this, bring your engineering need to them for assistance in sorting out the problem or to build you the desired implement. Their work is precise and neat and their staff friendly and helpful.

The T-Rex of Albertinia Ingenieurswerke

Their pride and joy is the multi-purpose spreader with which one can spread lime, gypsum, dolomite, sand, manure, compost as well as fertiliser. This handy implement accurately, as well as evenly spreads up to as wide as 13 meters. One has to fill the spreader with a loader-style shovel. The lime lands on the chain rollers on the bottom of the drum and gets rolled/pushed out onto two spinning discs which fling the stuff out and away from the spreader. A tractor of at least 140 kW pulls the spreader keeping it moving forward. It is quite impressive to see their ‘T-Rex’ in action!

Apart from the spreader, other examples of the work they do, are customisation of trailers and bakkies (pick-ups) and of course the bodies of lorries. They also do steel fencing, work with steel mesh, and also manufacture liquid tanks in trailer format. Another impressive example of their work is a flat bed trailer for transporting a 30′ (9.15 m) harvester bed.

Albertinia Steel Structures / Staalstrukture

Albertinia Ingenieurswerke also specialises in the design, fabrication as well as rigging of steel structures in different sectors such as industry, agriculture and commerce. They manufacture and build farm sheds of different sizes, hangers, workshops, canopies as well as large stores and factories. Of course they will design the steel structures according to your needs – any form, size or shape, mostly using galvanised steel as first choice.

Ingenieurswerke en Staalstrukture in Albertinia

Albertinia Ingenieurswerke & Staalstrukture doen presies wat hulle naam sê. Hulle spesialiseer in die vervaardiging van landbou-implemente en so ook in die bou van staalkonstruksies soos groot skure, store, fabrieke en afdakke. In hulle netjiese werkswinkel sal jy elke masjien en implement sien wat nodig is om hierdie werk te vermag, soos sweismasjiene en draaibanke. So ook staanbore, kartelmasjiene, slypmasjiene, sae, en skawe.

Hulle lewer verskillende produkte soos aangepaste sleepwaens, bakke van bakkies en ook vragmotors. So ook allerhande ander staalprodukte soos staalheinings.

Hulle trots is die veeldoelige strooier waarmee kalk, gips, dolomiet, sand, ensomeer akkuraat en egalig versprei kan word. ‘n 140kW trekker is nodig om hierdie strooier te trek.


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