Makarios steel and interior

Makarios Staal & Interieur

Makarios steel and interior

Makarios Staal & Interieur / Makarios Steel & Interior Stilbaai

For specially designed steel security gates, garden furniture and railings in Still Bay. Vir spesiaal ontwerpte staal sekuriteitshekke, tuinmeubels en relings.

Makarios Steel & Interior specialises in designing and manufacturing any steelworks that you might need on your request. So, ask them to design and construct that snazzy entrance gate or decorative security gate to complement your beautiful front door. Also let them install their special see through or transparent burglar proofing while they are at it.

Furthermore Makarios Steel & Interior will gladly design, manufacture and install decorative railings for balconies or patios. Likewise creative steel railings for stairs as well as balustrades in your house. In the same way they design and create interior and exterior steel and metal structures for pots and plants as well as wall decor. Not to mention the beautifully crafted garden furniture from designer steel and metal.

In addition their steelworks include the construction of steel structures such as carports which they will they hand over complete with guttering and all.

In short, for any creative, quality steel work, contact Makarios in Still Bay.

Makarios Staal & Interieur in Stilbaai

Hulle spesialiseer in die ontwerp en vervaardiging van enige staalwerke soos dekoratiewe ingangshekke, asook veiligheidshekke vir deure. Tesame hiermee installeer hulle ook deurskynende/deursigtige diefwering.

Makarios Staal & Interieur ontwerp, maak en installeer ook dekoratiewe staalrelings vir balkonne, trappe, stoepe asook staalbalustrades in huise. Verder maak hulle ook staal en metaal tuinmeubels. Asook buitenshuise sowel as binneshuise staal en metaalstrukture vir potte en plante en as muurdekorasie.

So ook sluit hulle staalwerke in die konstruksie van staalstrukture soos motorafdakke, kompleet met geute en al.

Dus, vir enige kreatiewe, kwaliteit staalwerk, kontak Makarios Staal & Interieur in Stilbaai.


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