Autoboys Riversdal

Autoboys Riversdale

Auto-glass or car windscreen specialists offering auto-glass fitting services in Riversdale. On the N2 route through the Western Cape along the famous Garden Route. All technicians of this automotive glass replacement or repair company are certified and professional, offering the best service possible. Not only do they perform glass-fittings at the shop, but they also offer a mobile glass-fitting service for your convenience.

Autoboys in Riversdale carries auto-glass fitments for most popular makes and models as well as for some of the scarcer models too. They do fittings and repairs at their premises in Riversdale as well as anywhere in the Overberg area and throughout the Hessequa region. This includes towns such as Still Bay, Heidelberg, Albertinia, Witsand, Slangrivier, Jongensfontein and Gouritsmond.

Autoboys Riversdale – Services

Auto-glass or Car Windscreen Chip Repairs

The best policy for a vehicle owner is to have a chip repaired before it becomes a crack. Repairing a chip on a windscreen is much cheaper as well as faster and will therefore save you money and time. The decision to repair a chip or not, depends on the size of the chip as well as the position of the chip. A chip on the windscreen in, or near, the line of vision of the driver is more dangerous and should be repaired as soon as possible.

Autoboys Riversdale will gladly inspect the chip on your windscreen and if it is still repairable, they will repair it for you. If it is completely beyond saving, they will advise you to rather have the windscreen replaced.

Auto-glass Replacements – Car Windscreen Replacements

Autoboys Riversdale has built a name for themselves due to their professionalism, the high quality of the parts they use as well as the perfection of their workmanship. They do in-house windscreen fittings at their premises in Riversdale as well as mobile windscreen fittings all over Hessequa and the Overberg area.

Their work includes front and rear windscreens, quarter/vent glass, door glass, canopy glass as well as cab sliders. Also products such as side frames, windscreen mouldings and adhesive glass bonding systems of Sika™ and BETASEAL™.

Claim Registration on Behalf of the Client

Autoboys Riversdale furthermore handles insurance claims for their customers and also keep them informed on the progress of the claim’s processing. They work with most insurance companies such as CIB Insurance Administrators, Santam, Discovery Insure, Hollard, Renasa Insurance Co. Ltd., etc.

If you make use of Autoboys Riversdale for an approved glass or chip repair, most insurance companies do not charge any excess. Remember to bring your insurance policy number, your vehicle’s details as well as your ID along to speed up the insurance claim.

Smash & Grab/Yellow Metal Glass

Criminals often smash through a vehicle’s windows to grab something valuable from the car such as a handbag or cell phone. Especially if you live in an area where you could probably encounter such criminals, it is advisable to have your windows fitted with protective smash and grab safety film. This film, which is usually tinted, is pasted on the windows of the vehicle to prevent the glass from shattering. When the glass is hit and breaks, the film holds the pieces in place and consequently protects you from broken glass.

Another benefit of smash and grab tinted safety film is that you have more time to get away from the scene. It also rejects up to 99% of harmful UV rays as well as reduces glare and prevents eye fatigue. Likewise it helps to keep the interior of the vehicle cool and comfortable.

Autoboys Riversdale – Products Certification

The technicians of this company only work with glass of the highest standards, therefore every product complies with both local and International safety standards:

  • SABS approved (South African Bureau of Standards)
  • DOT Marked (Department of Transport)
  • E-Marked (European Specification)
  • CCC (China)
  • JIP (Japanese Safety Certification)
  • AS/NZS 2080:2006 (Australian/New Zealand Safety Certification)

Autoboys Riversdale only uses shatter-proof products which meet the approval of the South African Bureau of Standards (SABS). They believe in their product consequently they offer a lifetime warranty on Shatterprufe® products.

Why Autoboys Riversdale?

  • 12 month warranty on their workmanship
  • All Shatterprufe glass products come with a lifetime warranty
  • Competitive prices
  • Handle your insurance claim and keep you informed on the progress of the claim
  • Mobile service – can come to you at a convenient time
  • Professional technicians
  • Quality workmanship

Josef Botes

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Cell: 081 270 5282

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Voertuigglas-spesialiste in Riversdal

Autoboys in Riversdal is spesialiste in die vervanging en so ook herstel van voertuigglas of windskerms. Al hulle tegnici is opgeleide professionele mense wat die bes moontlike diens aan jou wil lewer. Hulle doen nie net glasvervanging en herstelwerk by die werkswinkel nie, maar het ook ‘n mobiele eenheid wat na jou toe kom.

So ook hou hulle in voorraad voertuigglas vir die meer gewilde make en modelle, maar ook vir sommige van die skaarser modelle. Autoboys in Riversdal werk regoor die hele Hessequagebied en so ook die Overberggebied. Dit sluit dorpe in soos Stilbaai, Jongensfontein, Heidelberg, Albertinia, Witsand, Slangrivier en Gouritsmond.

Autoboys Riversdal – Dienste

Herstel van Splintermerkies op Voertuigglas

Moenie wag tot ‘n splintermerkie op die windskerm ‘n kraak word nie. Dis baie goedkoper en vinniger om dit heel te maak as om die voorruit te moet vervang. Die besluit tussen regmaak of vervang hang af van die grootte en so ook die posisie van die kapmerkie. ‘n Merkie naby, of in lyn met, die bestuurder se visie, is gevaarliker as ander posisies, so dit moet liefs dadelik aandag kry.

Autoboys se ervare tegnici sal dit graag vir jou ondersoek en regmaak as dit nog binne die riglyne val. So nie, sal hulle jou adviseer om liewer die ruit te vervang.

Vervanging van Voertuigglas

Autoboys Riversdal is bekend vir hulle professionaliteit, hoë kwaliteit produkte en so ook hulle uitstekende vakmanskap. Hulle vervang voor- en agterwindskerms, kwart/lugvenstertjies, deurglas, bakkiekappieruite en so ook glyvensters van bakkiekajuite. Hiervoor gebruik hulle produkte soos die rubberrame waarin die ruite gemonteer word en so ook gom om glas vas te plak, bv. Sika en BETASEAL.

Registrasie van Eise Namens Kliënte

Hulle hanteer ook die registrasie van eise namens kliënte en hou jou ook op hoogte van die vordering van die eis. Ook werk hulle met die meeste versekeringsmaatskappy soos CIB, Santam, Discovery Insure, Hollard, Renasa, en so meer. Moenie vergeet om jou polisnommer, voertuigbesonderhede en so ook jou ID saam te bring nie. So kan hulle die eisproses vinniger aan die gang kry.

Grypinbraak (Smash and Grab) Beskerming

Indien jy in ‘n area rondbeweeg waar grypinbrake plaasvind, is dit aan te bevele dat jy Smash and Grab beskerming kry. Dit is ‘n getinte filmlaag wat teen die vensters geplak word wat keer dat die venster uitmekaarspat wanneer dit gebreek word. So beskerm dit jou teen glassplinters en op die koop toe sommer ook teen die UV-strale van die son. Dit verminder ook die glans op jou oë en hou ook die voertuig koeler.

Autoboys Riversdal – Sertifisering van Glasprodukte

Hierdie besigheid maak slegs gebruik van glas wat voldoen aan die hoogste standaarde, daarom voldoen elke glasproduk aan plaaslike en so ook internasionale standaarde:

  • SABS (Suid-Afrikaanse Buro vir Standaarde)
  • DOT-merk (Departement van Vervoer)
  • E-merk (Europese Spesifikasies)
  • CCC (Sjina)
  • JIP (Japan)
  • AS/NZS 2080:2006 (Australië/Nieu-Seeland)

Hulle gebruik slegs splintervrye produkte wat die SABS-goedkeuringsmerk dra wat hulle so vertrou dat daar ‘n lewenslange waarborg op die Shatterprufe produkte is.

Hoekom Autoboys Riversdal?

  • 12 maande waarborg op hulle vakmanskap
  • Alle Shatterprufe glasprodukte het ‘n lewenslange waarborg
  • Hanteer jou verskeringseis namens jou
  • Kompeterende pryse
  • Kwaliteit vakmanskap
  • Mobiele eenheid wat na jou kom wanneer dit jou pas
  • Professioneel gesertifiseerde tegnici

Josef Botes

Tel: 028 713 4523

Cell: 081 270 5282

2 Fritz Grub Cresent