Tenikwa Wildlife Centre

Tenikwa Wildlife Centre

Tenikwa Wildlife Centre

Tenikwa Wildlife Centre

Tenikwa Wildlife Centre

Tenikwa Awareness & Rehabilitation

The  centre is located in the rural area outside Plettenberg Bay. It is only 40 minutes from the popular town of Knysna on the pristine Garden Route in the Western Cape. In essence, this route is known for its many natural attractions, protected National Parks, and neighbouring animal sanctuaries.

We grew from humble beginnings in 2002. In fact, the owners started rehabilitating injured birds in a wooden shed behind their house. Today it is one of the largest active wildlife rehabilitation centres in the Western Cape. Attending to a diverse variety of animals accepting both terrestrial and marine species.

Funding at the Tenikwa Wildlife Centre 

For funding the rehabilitation work and also raise awareness of the conservation issues in South Africa, Tenikwa offers various small group programs throughout the day. We cater for all ages as well as fitness levels with a focus on providing a conservation-based, informative tour. Guests also learn about the indigenous wild cats of South Africa and why they are disappearing from our landscape. Hence the various conservation activities that Tenikwa undertakes. Equally important, we are able to employ 30 full time staff members from the local community. Therefore we are contributing significantly to the economy of the area.

In addition, the sincerity of Tenikwa charms the Guests. Also the friendliness of our staff as well as the way in which Tenikwa’s passion for conservation shines through.

One can often see a variety of indigenous birds, such as the Blue Crane, Marabou Stork and waterfowl in the Gardens. All in all, the extent of the garden covers some 8ha with the balance of the 46ha set aside for the wild animals occurring in the area.

Whether you visit us for a day, or for an hour, “Come with an Open Mind, Tread with a Lighter Step, Leave with a Change of Heart”

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