Tsitsikamma Canopy Tours

Tsitsikamma Canopy Tours

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Tsitsikamma Canopy Tours – Storms River

Zipline on the Tsitsikamma Canopy Tour in the indigenous rain-forest in the Garden Route National Park – Tsitsikamma Section. In the far eastern area of the Western Cape Province, South Africa near Storms River. A sightseeing tour from a different angle and with sights different from the usual ones on the ground. Suspended in a harness 30m above the forest floor, sliding along a steel cable from platform to platform surrounded by 700 years old Yellow-wood trees. An exhilarating eco-tourism adventure seeing a diversity of animal life in the upper canopy level of the forest such as the Knysna turaco and the shy multicoloured Narina Trogon.

Tsitsikamma Canopy Tour offers a perfect balance between having fun and learning something beneficial. Ideal for nature lovers, individual thrill seekers, family getaways, group- or student excursions as well as corporate team-building events. The price includes a light meal and refreshments; water, guides, equipment as well as a certificate to show to your friends. Come and enjoy 2½ to 3 hours of excitement and fun gliding through the treetops of giant ancient trees.
Not your usual daily activity!

Safety at Tsitsikamma Canopy Tours – Storms River

For these canopy tour operators safety is paramount, as it should be if you let people zip through the tops of huge trees. In essence, the safety of their guests is what they think about during every tour every day.

  • The design as well as construction of the Canopy Tours® system have been done by a qualified civil engineer
  • Likewise it was built to the highest civil engineering standards
  • These tour operators have full public liability insurance cover too
  • Courses and gear are checked daily and an engineering inspection is also performed annually as part of their meticulous safety programme
  • All guides are comprehensively trained as well as assessed before being allowed to start guiding
  • Two guides escort every group – a lead guide and also a safety guide to continuously monitor the progress
  • They ensure that you are connected to either the cable or the platform at all times
  • Moreover, they use full body harnesses, as well as only equipment such as pulleys and carabineers carrying standard safety certification ratings

What to Expect at Tsitsikamma Canopy Tours – Storms River

Your canopy tour adventure starts at the adventure centre with your guides demonstrating how to slide on the cables. They will also explain the safety procedures that must be followed, after which they will kit you up with a full body harness, pulley, climbing equipment as well as a safety helmet.

A short drive through the quaint village to the start of the canopy tour. The tour is not only about sliding on a steel cable from platform to platform through the treetops. It is also about enjoying the view and taking note of the unique surrounding ecology, that can only be seen high up in the trees. Priceless!

Your lead and safety guide is with you from start to finish, keeping you safe and sharing the wonders of the ecology with you. At the end of the tour, there is a short 600m (more time for exploring nature) back to the vehicle. Back at the adventure centre a freshly prepared light meal awaits to end your adventure in the forest.

Check-in and Duration of Tsitsikamma Canopy Tours

  • You should be there 15 minutes before the start of your tour because tours depart on time and can also not be moved to another time slot
  • Depending on the tour and the number of people in the group, your tour will last 2½ to 3 hours
  • You have to confirm bookings, final numbers as well as dietary requirements 24 hours in advance
  • Tours normally happen between 08:00 and 15:00, but during summertime these hours are often extended as a result of demand. Tours run in almost any weather conditions and can depart every 30 minutes, therefore book in advance not to miss out.

What to Bring Along to the Tsitsikamma Canopy Tours

  • Comfortable clothes – Ladies, preferably shorts or long pants
  • Footwear – preferably closed shoes, such as running shoes, takkies, and veldskoene which will not fall off in mid-air, as well as be comfortable to hike back to the office
  • Camera for posterity
  • Something warm
  • This is an all-weather activity, so even when it rains you can enjoy the adventure. They will supply a rain jacket, but a dry change of clothing might come in handy

Handy Info About Tsitsikamma Canopy Tours

  • Bookings are essential as well as subject to availability
  • Although tours are conducted in all weather conditions, they reserve the right to cancel a tour in the interest of safety
  • Any person between 7 and 70 years can do the canopy tour. (Even younger or older if you are brave and can walk)
  • The tour includes a 600 m hike out of the forest on uneven ground after having completed the tour
  • You might not be able to regulate your speed on the slides, but don’t fret, one of the trained guides will slide in tandem with you
  • If you have a medical condition or disability, you should enquire with the office staff before making a booking
  • In case you are differently abled or have special needs, you should share those requirements so that they can be prepared to cater for those needs. They want to ensure that you enjoy the experience to the fullest
  • Unfortunately expecting mothers are not allowed to make the tour
  • There is also a weight restriction of 120 kg – 130 kg due to the size of the harnesses and the circumference of the straps around the body
  • Maximum number is 9 people per group. If the group is larger, they will simply split them into smaller groups following behind each other
  • They also accept large group bookings such as team-building groups
  • Terms and conditions are of course based on the general practice of the Industry

Tel: +27 42 281 1836

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Tsitsikamma Canopy Tours-Gr&KK App

Boomtoptoere in die Tsitsikamma-Bos by Stormsrivier

Toere deur die toppe van reuse ou bome in die Tsitsikamma inheemse reënwoude in die Garden Route Nasionale Park. In die oostelike deel van die Wes-Kaap naby Stormsrivier. Besigtiginstoer op ‘n totaal ander manier en vanuit ‘n totaal ander hoek as gewoonlik. Al hangende in ‘n harnas 30 m bokant die grond gly jy oor ‘n staalkabel van een platform na ‘n ander tussen die boomtoppe deur. Dis ‘n opwindende eko-toer waar jy blootgestel word aan die dierelewe in die blaredak van die bos, soos die Knysna loerie en skaam Narina Trogon.

Dis die perfekte aktiwiteit vir natuurliefhebbers, avontuurlustige individue, familiegroepe, studentegroepe en so ook korporatiewe spanbougeleenthede. Die prys sluit ‘n ligte maaltyd en drinkgoed in en so ook water, gidse, toerusting en ‘n sertifikaat.

Veiligheid by die Tsitsikamma Canopy Tours by Stormsrivier

Veiligheid is van die allergrootste belang vir hierdie toeroperateurs.

  • Die ontwerp en so ook die konstruksie van die Canopy Tours® sisteem is gedoen deur ‘n gekwalifiseerde siviele ingenieur. Dit voldoen ook aan die hoogste siviele ingenieurstandaarde
  • Hulle is ten volle verseker teen openbare aanspreeklikheid
  • Die apparaat, en so ook die baan word daagliks nagegaan en ‘n ingenieursinspeksie word jaarliks gedoen
  • Gidse is behoorlik opgelei en so ook getoets voordat hulle as gidse mag optree
  • Daar is twee gidse by elke groep – ‘n leiergids en ‘n veiligheidsgids wat seker maak dat veiligheidsprosedures te alle tye gehandhaaf word
  • Hulle maak gebruik van vollyf harnasse en die apparaat soos die katrolle en hake dra standaard veiligheidsgraderings

Wat om te Verwag by Tsitsikamma Canopy Tours

Die toer begin by die kantoor waar die gidse demonstreer hoe om met die kabels te gly. So ook verduidelik hulle die veiligheidsprosedures waarna jy ‘n harnas, katrol en so ook klimapparaat en ‘n veiligheidhelm ontvang.

Daarna vervoer hulle jou na die begin van die boomtoptoer wat nie net gaan oor die gly van platform tot platform nie, maar ook vir jou die natuur hoog bo in die bome wys. Die gidse is heeltyd by om jou veilig te hou en ook meer te vertel van die ekologie in die boomtoppe. Aan die einde van die boomtoptoer, stap jy die 600 m terug na die kantoor waar jy ‘n maaltyd en drinkgoed geniet.

Aankomstyd en Duur van die Toere

  • Wees 15 minute voor jou toer ‘n aanvang neem daar want hulle kan nie vir jou wag nie. Toere moet op tyd vertrek, so nie werk hulle skedules nie uit nie
  • Die toer neem so 2½ tot 3 ure
  • Hulle moet jou bespreking, finale getalle en so ook kosvereistes 24 uur voor die tyd ontvang

Wat om Saam te Bring na die Toer

  • Gemaklike klere – Dames, verkieslik kortbroeke of langbroeke
  • Verkieslik gemaklike toe-skoene soos hardloopskoene, tekkies of sandale wat stewig vasmaak om die voet sodat dit nie in die lug afval nie
  • Iets warms – toere vind in alle weersomstandighede plaas, selfs as dit reën, in welke geval hulle reënbaadjies sal voorsien
  • Kamera om jou manewales vir die nageslag vas te lê

Handige Inligting oor die Tsitsikamma Canopy Tours

  • Bespeking is baie belangrik en so ook onderhewig aan beskikbaarheid
  • Enige persoon tussen 7 en 70 kan deelneem
  • As jy nie self die glyspoed kan beheer nie, sal ‘n gids saam met jou gly om jou te help
  • Swanger vroue kan ongelukkig nie deelneem aan hierdie toere nie
  • So is daar ook ‘n gewigsbeperking van 120 kg to 130 kg bloot as gevolg van die grootte van die harnasse en so ook die lengte van die bande wat om die lyf moet gaan
  • ‘n Maksimum van 9 per groep word toegelaat, so groter groepe word opgedeel in verskillende agtereenvolgende toere
  • Terme en voorwaardes word gebaseer op die algemene praktyk in die Industrie


Tel: +27 42 281 1836

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