Still Bay Touchies

Still Bay Touchies - Stilbaai Touchies

Still Bay Touchies

Touch Rugby at its best! Still Bay Touchies is South Africa’s largest and most prestigious annual Touch Rugby event and happens on 26 December every year.

Origin of Still Bay Touchies

The tournament dates back to 1978 when a group of holidaymakers in the small Western Cape coastal town got together to formalise all the social games that used to take place into one tournament.

The early organising committee consisted entirely of these holidaymakers. The likes of Dawie and Jackie Snyman, Theo Kleinhans, Tokkie Van der Merwe, Nico de Boer, Dirk and Petru Hanekom, Hennie Bosshof and Matt Louw (the father of former Springbok Rob Louw) were leading them.

Development of Still Bay Touchies

The first tournament was held between Still Bay East and Still Bay West and the Snymans (of the West). They could call on all of their provincial skills and experience. Consequently they would dominate the results for the early years.

The following few years saw Still Bay Touchies grow in stature and a third region (Jongensfontein) joined in to what was now becoming an annual event. What followed was beyond what any of the organisers could have imagined as word spread and more and more people began to hear about the event.

The first teams were formed from the 3 regions but it soon became too big with teams coming in their droves. (There were the record number of 108 teams in 1996)

Provincial and National players who holidayed in the area and often stretched their legs. They furthermore provided the growing crowds with huge excitement. Players such as Theuns Stoffberg, Rob Louw, Bertie de Wet, Dawie Snyman and Danie Gerber regularly took part.

And so the legend of Still Bay Touchies was born! The Hot Summer of Touch…

And still going strong

The next few years saw an influx of teams coming from all parts of the country. Made up of Social groups of Touch players and more regular players from as far afield as Clifton Beach and Stellenbosch and Pretoria Universities, the standard of touch improved and it wasn’t long before things became very competitive.

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