Whale Watching Witsand

Whale Watching

Whale Watching Witsand

Whale Watching

Whale Watching Witsand

Witsand is known as THE whale nursery of Southern Africa. This is due to the record number of Southern Right Whales (Noordkappers) that migrate to San Sebastian Bay annually between June and November.

It is the best land-based vantage point from which to view these 58 ton gentle giants of the sea. See up to 70 whales in the Bay at one time.


Whale statistics have earned Witsand the title of “THE Whale Nursery of South Africa”. Whale Watching Witsand

Counts over the years are as follows:
• 1998 – Total 47, 18 calves;
• 1999 – Total 100, 47 calves;
• 2000 – Total 78, 33 calves;
• 2001 – Total 117, 37 calves;
• 2002 – Total 117, 49 calves;
• 2003 – Total 130, 51 calves;
• 2004 – Total 121, 43 calves;
• 2005 – Total 131, 56 calves;
• 2006 – Total 141, 69 calves;
• 2007 – Total 98, 41 calves;
• 2008 – Total 162, 62 calves;
• 2009 – Total 75, 35 calves;
• 2010 – Total 85, 40 calves;
• 2011 – Total 124, 49 calves;

The life expectancy of the Right whale is about 50 years and the length of pregnancy about one year. The nursing period is six months to a year. The calf suckles from a pair of teats situated either side of the genital aperture. The calves vary in length at birth from 4.5 to over 7m with the average of 6.1m.

Right whales in coastal waters produce a variety of low frequency sounds, that can be described as moans, growls, pulses and belch-like noises. These are used for communication.

It is an stunning experience seeing a whale waving its massive tail out of the water as if to greet you. Witnessing one of the 15m creatures hurl itself clear of the water is just amazing.

At the beach restaurant there is a telescope on the roof, whale-watching platform that magnifies the whales up to 10 times. The platform is a perfect place from which to view the gentle giants of the sea and can accommodate about 90 people and there is plenty of parking.


Witsand in The Explorers Garden Route

Witsand/Port Beaufort, situated 300km from Cape Town at the mouth of the mighty Breede River, along the Garden Route in the Western Cape.

Walviskyk in Witsand

Kom kyk die suidelike Noordkapper-walvisse by Witsand aan die mond van die Breederivier. Witsand staan bekend as die Walvisbroeiplek of kweekplek. Tussen Junie en November kom die walvisse kalf en beweeg hulle op en af langs die kuslyn naby aan die kus. By Witsand is daar tot 70 noordkappers op ‘n slag in die baai te sien.