Wings Plumbing & Maintenance

Wings Plumbing & Maintenance

Wings Plumbing & Maintenance

Wings Plumbing & Maintenance

We offer all plumbing and maintenance services. From bathroom and kitchen renovations to new installations and all construction plumbing. We provide this service in the towns of Dana Bay, Mossel Bay all the way to Great Brak and even further.

Wings Plumbing & Maintenance is a licensed Plumbing company working in the Mossel Bay area in the Western Cape. We provide a service from Dana Bay to Great Brak. Also doing work further distances away for which we only charge R4 p/km traveling costs extra.

We can provide you with a COC’s (Certificate of Compliance) making sure everything is in place when you sell or buy a property. Wings are also a member at  the Institute of Plumbing South Africa (IOPSA). Because making sure that we provide you with the best quality of service at all times is very important to us.

Let us take care of all the plumbing requirements you have for your new building. Daily plumbing maintenance also forms part of our services.

Wings Plumbing and Maintenance offer plumbing maintenance contracts to take regular care of the plumbing problems and needs at your business.

We also specialise in bathroom and kitchen renovations. Let us replace/rebuild/remove or add the sink, toilet, bath and shower.

We will help you with any drainage or water pipe problem. Call us for leak detection and maintenance at your house.

Or let us repair or replace the geyser that left you in the cold…


Wings Loodgieters en Instandhouding

Wings Plumbing & Maintenance is loodgieters in Mosselbaai. Ons doen konstruksie-loodgieterswerk; kombuis- en badkamer-opknapping; bied kontrakte vir instandhouding; verskaf COC-sertifikate vir die huis wat jy wil verkoop, en nog meer. Ons is ‘n lid van IOPSA die (Institute of Plumbing South Africa) so diens en kwaliteit werk lê ons na aan die hart.

Dawie Du Plessis

Cell: 072 108 9297 

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Wings Plumbing & Maintenance