Eden Worx - Eden Waterproofing

Eden Waterproofing

Eden Worx - Eden waterproofing

Eden Worx – Eden Waterproofing in Still Bay

Specialists in roofing and guttering as well as waterproofing of homes such as roofs, walls (plastered or face-brick), decks and flat roofs. Also showers, bathrooms and kitchens.

Services offered by Eden Worx:

  • Expert roofing services from new roof installations to re-roofing or repairs of roofs damaged by storm winds, they will provide you with quality workmanship and personal professional service.
  • Waterproofing of roofs which can be a complicated process thus it is in your best interest to let a specialist water-proofer do the job for you. Storm winds could not only damage the roof, but also the waterproofing. Let the experts repair the water-proofing.
  • Roof cleaning and painting become necessary once in a while especially close to the sea. When your roof is in need of cleaning and a fresh coat of paint, why not give Daniël a call for a free quote?
  • PVC gutter installation at your new home or that extension to your property, as well as repairing the existing gutters, or clean them before the new rain season. Let them also give them a fresh paint while they are at it.
  • Once the roof and gutters and freshly painted, you might need to give the whole house a face-lift by having them paint the exterior of your home. Since the outside is now brand-new, there is, of course no harm in having the interior painted as well. After all that way you practically have a new home!
  • Fascia and barge-board maintenance is another of their concerns. Since the fascia board carries all the guttering, it is important to keep it in good order and to have it repaired or replaced when in any way damaged. The state of the barge-board used on the gable end of your house can make or break the look of your house, so have them fix that too.

Non roof related services

  • Varnishing of wood and wooden surfaces such as wooden decks is another service Eden Waterproofing offers.
  • Tiling is also done by them. They will work at shops after business hours on tiling an painting to prevent shop closures and loss of business to their owners.
  • In addition they do fire pit building as well as general home maintenance.
  • So, for all your roofing, waterproofing, tiling, damp-proofing, and seamless guttering and repairs, contact Eden Waterproofing in Still Bay for a free quote. They also work all over The Hessequa area.

They even offer a free light bulb changing service for pensioners in Still Bay!

Eden Worx – Waterdigting in Stilbaai

Eden Waterproofing is die eksperts om te skakel vir enige dakwerk en herstel van dakke. Ook waterdigting van huise, mure, gepleister of siersteen, asook dekke en platdakke. So ook storte, badkamers en kombuise. Hulle maak ook dakke skoon en verf dakke.

Verder installeer hulle geute, maak dit ook skoon of herstel stukkende geute en verf dit. Hulle doen ook ander verfwerk soos die binnekant asook die buitekant van jou huis. So ook herstel en onderhou hulle fassieborde.

Ook vernis hulle houtoppervlakke soos houtdekke en hulle lê oo teëls. Verf en teëlwerk by besighede sal hulle na-ure doen sodat die eienaar nie besigheid verloor nie. Hulle bou ook braaiplekke en doen algemene huisonderhoud.


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