Seamless Gutters Waterproofing Riversdale

Seamless Gutters Riversdale

Company providing residential and commercial seamless gutter systems and waterproofing. They offer quality installations, professional customer service, value for money as well as competitively low prices. They manufacture the seamless gutters on-site to the required length and width with a mobile factory. Their work includes gutter systems on houses, barns as well as hangers lending a professional finish to your home.

This gutter and waterproofing company is stationed in Riversdale, but they work all over the Hessequa region in towns such as Heidelberg, Witsand and Gouritsmond. They also do a lot of work in Still Bay, Jongensfontein as well as Albertinia.

Seamless Gutters Riversdale Services

Gutter Services

  • The company specialises in providing, manufacturing (on site) as well as installing seamless aluminium gutter systems. These systems of course include the down-pipes
  • They do new installations on domestic as well as industrial buildings such as houses, barns and factories. They bring their mobile factory with the gutter machine to your premises where they roll-form them to precise lengths and widths. Fast, efficient, hassle-free and neat
  • Furthermore their team will remove old gutters and replace them with new seamless gutters
  • They will also link the gutter to a new or an existing water storage tank

Waterproofing services

Seamless Gutters in Riversdale are approved by a.b.e® to use their waterproofing products for waterproofing of:

  • flat roofs
  • basement walls, brick walls as well as retaining walls, etc.
  • roof bolts

Seamless Gutters Riversdale, Still Bay, Albertinia, Heidelberg, Witsand, Gouritsmond & Jongensfontein: Colours

The aluminium gutters come in a variety of standard colours such as Marble White, Charcoal Grey, Rich Ivory and Royal Brown.

Advantages of Seamless Gutters

Aluminium seamless gutter systems offer various advantages:

  • The gutter is seamless, which means no joints/seams, therefore they will not to leak
  • Aluminium will not fade, nor rust
  • All the joining components and brackets are made from tempered aluminium and are also rustproof
  • They are of course concealed to create a seamless look
  • The gutters are light and can be fixed to fascia board, walls, rafter ends or they can hang from the roof itself
  • Low maintenance, simply rinse them off annually with soap and water
  • There is no sagging, nor warping
  • Also no fungus
  • Architecturally seamless gutter systems are attractive and lends a professional look to your home

Seamless Gutters Riversdale Guarantees

They have a highly skilled team of workers installing these gutters fast and efficiently. They make use of aluminium carrying a 15 years factory guarantee.

Seamless Gutters offers:

15 years guarantee against corrosion
2 years workmanship guarantee


Jacques Viljoen

Cell: 072 407 8570


Seamless Gutters – Naatlose Aluminium Geutstelsels in Riversdal & Stilbaai sowel as Waterdigting dienste.

‘n Besigheid in Riversdal wat nuwe naatlose aluminium geutstelsels maak en installeer en so ook ou geute verwyder en vervang. Die geute word uit ‘n mobiele fabriek vervaardig op jou perseel, so dit is presies volgens die benodigde lengtes. Hulle werk sluit die afvoerpype in en hulle sal ook die geutkoppeling met jou watertenk maak vir die stoor van reënwater. So ook doen hulle waterdigting.

Hulle is goedgekeur deur a.b.e.® om hulle waterdigtingsprodukte te gebruik en doen digting van plat dakke, dakskroewe, en so meer.

Voordele van Naatlose Aluminium Geute in Riversdal, Stilbaai, Heidelberg en Hessequa area.

  • Die geute is naatloos, so dit lek nie, en is gewaarborg om nie te roes en te bleik nie
  • So ook nie die vashegtingsmateriaal nie, wat gemaak word van getemperde aluminium en weggesteek sit
  • Hierdie geute is lig en kan aan fassieborde of mure vaskom, of so ook sommer aan die dak self hang
  • Dit sak nie uit of trek nie krom nie
  • So sal ook geen skimmel of swamme daarop verskyn nie
  • Argitektonies is dit aantreklik en gee ‘n professionele voorkoms aan jou huis


Jacques Viljoen

Cell: 072 407 8570