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Home Solutions GMG Handyman Stilbaai

Home Solutions – GMG Handyman

Home Solutions GMG Handyman Stilbaai

Home Solutions – GMG Handyman Stilbaai

Multi skilled handyman in Still Bay, Granville will help you with any work in and around the house or your place of business. Anything that needs fixing, installing, cleaning or building and painting, he will gladly help you with in his neat and professional way. He even works with wood such as maintenance of wooden decks. A true carpenter, builder, painter, tiler, ‘paver’ as well as handy in the house for those small jobs women always need a masculine hand for. Ladies, hold on to this guy’s telephone number!

Home Solutions – Handyman for Exterior Jobs

Granville, the Handyman, will help you with any exterior job relating to building work, cleaning as well as reparation. He will put up fencing as well as gates such as security gates and entrance gates at your property. He will repair fencing as well as paint or repaint fences and gates.

Likewise he will clean out the gutters which could have become cluttered with lichen in Still Bay especially on the side of your house where there is less sun. If needed, he will also repair the gutters and fascia boards as well as paint them as well as the outside walls.

Moreover, he will repair the roof as well as redo the waterproofing and paint the roof if necessary. He also does wood repairs as well as wooden deck maintenance including painting. If you need a braai built or have paving to be done, Granville is your man.

Home Solutions –  Handyman for Interior Jobs

For all kinds of interior jobs such as installing or replacing locks or hanging of pictures in a professional way, call this handyman. He will also hang doors, install shelves as well as sinks and do interior painting wherever needed. Furthermore he repairs ceilings and builds dry walls as well as do hardwood flooring or tiling and grouting.

Home Solutions -Nutsman Stilbaai

Hierdie veelsydige nutsman kan net mooi enigiets doen. Hy doen houtwerk en lê plaveisel, bou gipsmure en hang deure en prente ewe maklik en professioneel. So ook maak hy plafonne heel, of maak geute skoon en herstel hulle sommer ook.

Hy kan teël, verf, dakke waterdig maak, slotte vervang en heinings en hekke opsit. Verder bou hy braaiplekke, doen onderhoudswerk aan houtdekke en installeer wasbakke in kombuise. Of vervang daardie verslete wasser in die druppende kraan.


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