The Goods Shed Mossel Bay

The Goods Shed Mossel Bay

The popular Goods Shed Flea Market boasts a coffee shop and restaurant as well as a variety of stalls.  Selling biltong, nuts, sweets, angling equipment and toys, perfume, clothing, shoes, as well as handmade furniture and more. The Goods Shed sits in Bland Street – near the entrance to Mossel Bay Harbour.

  • Open Peak periods (summer holidays and Easter) – from 09:00 to 18:00, seven days a week
  • Other periods – from 09:00 to 17:00 Tuesdays to Sundays (closed on Mondays)

The Mossel Bay Municipality manages The Goods Shed as a small business as well as a local economic development project.

People who are interested in renting space can of course contact:

Mr. Joubert Coetzee on 044 606 5100

Historical Background

When it was built in 1900, The Goods Shed was used as a cargo store, and it was the largest clear-span structure in the region: its interior measures 15 x 90 metres. The beautiful sandstone building with its arched windows and clock tower sort of resembles a church from yesteryear.  It is now of course housing the biggest indoor flea market in the Western Cape Province.

The flea market in essence gives preference to exhibitors with unique products. There is also plenty of entertainment for the young ones including a 5D Cinema and 3D virtual reality ride. Parking is free and there is no entrance fee either. There is also a bus stop across the road for tour buses.

Contact Information/Kontak inligting:


Mr Joubert Coetzee or alternatively collect your application form directly from the I.E.A. official, Mr Noor Boolay, at the I.E.A office in The Goods Shed.


Mnr Joubert Coetzee of so nie, kry aansoek vorms direk van die O.E.V beampte, Mnr Noor Boolay, se kantoor te The Goods Shed.

The Goods Shed Mossel Bay Office:

Mr Noor Boolay:

Tel: 044 690 5358

Cell: 081 392 6241

Mossel Bay Municipality/Mosselbaai Munisipaliteit:

Mr Joubert Coetzee

Tel: 044  6065100

For more info please visit our Website – Click here.   The Goods Shed Mossel Bay